To go or not to go?

Practice is sometimes annoying. I get it. You would rather be somewhere else, but it is important to think about the fact that your parents (or in some cases, you) paid money to be a part of this, missing practice does not benefit you, it is just adds to the stress that you might already have from school. So here is my guide to deciding if you should go to dance or skip.

If you are sick- do not go if it is contagious. If it is a stomachache or a headache, take some medications and go to avoid missing anything.

If you are injured- it is recommended that you go unless you are on bedrest. I personally would go but notify you instructor about what is going so that they know that you are going to sit out and watch or help the instructor with other paperwork. This shows that you are committed!

If there is an event- you should try to come for a part of practice and leave early or come late. In some cases, there is absolutely no way you can be in 10 places all at the same time. You should let your instructor know about a class before if this happens.

If you have an upcoming test or have something due- Now you need to ask yourself whether you are willing to go to practice and still have enough time to work. If that is a no, do not go but let someone in the class know. If that is a yes, or “I have a little bit of time” then go, you will be less stressed out about everything and you can have some fun.


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