Performance chaos

I guess you could say that the chaos mentioned before performances are funny to some people, and to others its just chaos. Throughout all of the scrambling, you learn a few things on what to do to make it a more successful performance.

  • Start getting ready early– get ready about an 90 minutes before reporting time. If there are any problems with the make up or the costume you can buy it before. I have learnt that in order to avoid smugding lipstick, put it about ten minutes before you step foot on the stage.
  • Have a designated backpack for the performance– Do not carry one hundred tiny little packets, put everything in one big backpack so that everything stays organized and you do not lose things. In your backpack, there should be things like lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow,  bobby pins, hair spray, safety pins,  makeup remover, your wallet, a comb, and extra clothes.
  • Extra clothes– Now imagine this, you have just finished a performance, and you are sweating and you are in the mood for having a dinner out with your dance friends, if you want to avoid drawing attention to yourself, bring some clothes which you can afford to get makeup stains on (avoid wearing white shirts). I also recommend that you wear something that is comfortable, maybe not a sweatshirt, but like a sweater or a nice shirt.
  • Reporting time- The reporting time is not an extra cushion, there is no cushion. Usually reporting time is an hour before the performance so that you can see the stage and practice and have last minute costume changes, etc.

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