March is the time to start studying for upcoming exams and SOLS. For people who play year-round sport, it is time for championship. For dance, it is the same way, we start preparing for our Annual Recital which is usually during late summer, but this year our instructor has signed us up for our first competition. Since December, we have been taught a dance for both the recital and the competition. It is a lot more complex compared to the choreography that we have done for last year’s annual recital. Due to my health, my doctor has told me that I can’t take on a lot of pressure from school and dance and that I have to commit to one until I can give my 100% to dance. However, I am really proud of the team who will be dancing, I know that it won’t be possible to get 1st place because it is our very first competitive performance, but we will improve!


4 thoughts on “Competition

    1. Thank you so much! It is a lot of stress right now especially since SOLS and AP exams are coming up but I am really excited about this.

  1. Your health is always the most important and I hope things work out. i also wanted to say good luck to your team I bet they will do great.

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