Dance tips

  1. Treat practices like performances– practice and performances are basically the same thing except one is where you go all out with your costume and hair,and the other is where you show up to go over the dance for the performance. Keeping this in mind will lead you to show your instructor that you are serious and ready to learn an advanced dance.
  2. Stretch– if your dance class does not stretch every class, you should stretch before you leave the house so that you are warmed up. For Kathak dancers, it is important to stretch out your legs. Some dancers are not required to be flexible but it is a good thing to try to have.
  3. Keep hair up– never keep your hair down while practice, because it will impact you and people around you. In Kathak, we do fast spins so find a suitable hair style that keeps your hair in place so you don’t have to continue adjusting.
  4. Location on stage– usually when the dance performance is close, dancers tend to get competitive for the middle spot, it is important to remember that your dance teacher will give you the spotlight when you do your best without putting other’s down. Also remember that if your dance teacher places you in the middle, you are still equal to people in your class. Eventually they will get the center position as well. 
  5. Practice– now, I am going to be completely honest, I don’t practice everyday after school, but I do listen to the music whenever I get a chance and try to remember the choreography. Before you leave for your class, go over the dance and remember to take all materials.
  6. Communicate with your group and instructor- If you feel like a certain step in choreography will be too complicated to do, give another option that you think will be more effective.
  7. Problems- Leave all problems at the door and don’t keep tension.
  8. Smile!– Remember to smile during practice to get in the habit of smiling on stage as well. I usually don’t do this, but I will start smiling to show my teacher that I am ready to take a challenge
  9. Cushion– For ghungroos (bells) it is important to wear some type of padding underneath your leggings to make sure you do not get marks on your legs or cut off blood circulation.

(The following link is for a section of the Shape of You choreography).


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