Why dance?

Performance at BlackRock Center for Arts on January 20th, 2019

I sometimes question myself as to why I chose to dance instead of all of the other activities I could do like soccer, swim, or track. As a reader, you would assume it is because of my interest in dance, but in reality it was because two of my close friends were going to dance class. Eventually it stuck with me and I continued to do it after one of my friends moved and the other was in another dance class in the same academy. After a while, we could not do it in the same place, so my teacher rented a studio and classes got merged. I was reunited with my friend and we met new friends. I like to think that the other reason why I continue to dance is because of the group and I get the opportunity to learn about the history of India, I am not a big fan of history but the myths in India are fascinating.

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