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This post will be about problems that some dancers face with accessories and the costume.

  1. Maang Tikka- In Kathak, there is this type of jewelry that is called Maang Tikka. It is a piece of jewelry that is placed just under your hairline. The issue is that it is a loose piece which does not stay in place. About a year ago, my friend found out that using clear nail polish on the maang tikka before putting it on helps it stay still. I found this very useful while spinning. The problem with this was that it took sometime to remove the remaining nail polish off your hair and forehead.
  2. Itchy Dress- I remember my first dance dress. It was not a good memory. This dress was red with silver leafs and the top was a beige color. It may sound nice, but it was itchy. Luckily we grew out of it and now we have a comfortable dress.
  3. Ghungroos- The bells are required every time you dance. However, underneath your tights or leggings, it is important to wear some padding to make sure that you do not receive any marks. The marks hurt for a little bit but they are removed very quickly.
  4. Make up- I hate wearing make- up especially while dancing, on stage I feel conscious that the lipstick or mascara is smudged or some other scenario. It is common to feel that way, but I dislike the feeling of sweat and makeup mixed up on my face.
  5. Last but not least- hairstyle: my baby hairs always get in my eyes while spinning on stage. During practice, I generally keep my hair in a high ponytail, but no matter how short my hair is, it will always slap me in the face. My layers make it more painful.

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  1. This is really interesting!

    This is kind of related to what you were saying; so, we bought Rea payaal, and she really likes them. She keeps kicking her legs

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