I have mentioned this in many of my posts, but I wanted to describe one time where we truly bonded as a team. About three weeks ago, we had a dance class. We started to get obsessed with aesthetics and doing things together. This year, we took the challenge of organizing a secret santa.

You are probably wondering, why would it be a challenge?

Our dance group consisted of people from two different counties and states. Yes, I said states.

One of the dancers in our group lives in West Virginia. It is about a 90 minute drive to the dance class.

Anyways, it was a week after we decided that we wanted to do secret santa. We procrastinated till the next week to finally draw out names. All of us were scrambling to get our gifts for our friends, but it went successful. We all spent another hour after class eating fresh brownies and laughing about our struggles in finding a gift.

It is worth doing things with your friends who do not go to the same school as you. It is a group that I will never forget.

I hope everyone has an amazing winter break and spends time with family to enjoy the holidays!

Annual Dance Recital at Stone Bridge High School 2018






4 thoughts on “SECRET SANTA 2018

    1. Very true! This was actually my first time doing a secret santa I usually just give gifts to everybody but this was a nice twist. Thank you! My face was hurting after this picture.

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