This year was the 10th Annual Recital for Arpan Dance Academy, we were stressed out and it resulted in a very successful performance.

For us, at least. On stage, we are calm and collected, but backstage parents are scrambling to get makeup on kids,performers are practicing, kids are running around,props are lost, costumes are all over the place as well as shoes, parents are trying to shush their kids.

In other words, it is chaos.

Before the performance everyone is quiet and anxious. Our hands are sweaty from gripping our friend’s hands. We peek our heads from the side of the curtains to see any familiar faces. As they announce our names to perform, we smile at each other and it is almost as if we are saying “good luck”, but the words are unspoken.


All the stress has left our bodies as we enter the stage and make a promise to ourselves that this will be a good show.


Annual Recital at Broad Run High School 2017


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