During a ride home from one of my performances, my dad asked me how I was not nervous to perform on stage in front of many people. I laughed at the question because I didn’t know the answer. Before any performance my dance teacher always told us to be calm, smile, and have fun on stage. I never took those words personally, but I now understand what she means. On stage, people aren’t nervous about messing up, they are usually nervous 

¨Shape of You¨ performance. Annual Recital at Stone Bridge High School 2018

 about what people will think about their performance. As a child, I never smiled on stage, but as I grew older, my dance teacher pushed us to smile and connect with the audience. About three years ago in Washington DC, there was a “Miss India Pageant”, I remember smiling and also singing the lyrics while dancing. I noticed that people enjoy the dance more when the performers smile and acknowledge the audience.

The one benefit of dancing on a high school stage is that the stage lights are so bright that you can’t see the audience, just face the front and do your thing.


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