Insurance crisis within the physical therapy field

  I chose to make a brochure for my contact Mr. S whom I have met through my internship at the INOVA hospital in Lansdowne. He recently fell and lost feeling in his left calf which slows his walking and causes him to drag his foot due to the low muscle tone. Due to Mr. […]

Mrs. Anderson

To me being late to school is a treat! Why? This means that I get to start my morning by seeing the lovely Mrs. Anderson’s beautiful face! She never fails to change my mood or put a smile on my face. My friends and I became close with Mrs. Anderson before she was the attendance […]

Quarter One

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel as if they blinked their eyes in August and now it’s suddenly the last week of October? Part of me is sad to see the time fly by so quickly, but then another part of me is already in Christmas mode. I feel like the first […]

IT Chapter 2 movie review

The other day I decided to skip the football game and go to see the movie IT Chapter 2. Worst decision ever! It was a complete waste of $30! Not only was the ticket expensive, but just to get popcorn and a drink was nearly a fortune! For starters, I felt that the movie was […]

Deep Creek!

To say the least, this summer was one for the books! I can not say that there was a time where I was bored at home doing nothing, unlike some of the summer breaks I had in the past. During the summer I went to Lake Anna, Lake of the Woods, the Thomas Rhett concert, […]


Is it too early for me to have senioritis? Every day I find myself dreading going to school more and more. The days just feel as if they have been getting longer and the school day just never seems to end. I do not know if I feel this way just because my mind is […]

Organic Object Red Bell Pepper!

Although my organic object may not be exotic or very interesting, I chose to use a red bell pepper for my writing. At the beginning of my pepper’s life, it was a bright and vibrant red with a perfect light green stem, which seemed to be a perfect pepper. It’s perfectly symmetrical and hollow body […]

Repetition In Writing

Throughout my years as a student in many of my English classes I’ve been told to keep my writing’s concise and to the point. After reading the two articles it seems that I should be doing the opposite and should extensively repeat the main point in which I am trying to get across. In many […]

Hello world!

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