Food, food and more food!!

Have you ever been to a restaurant and had to wait over half an hour for horrible service and food? Have you ever paid a lot of money for a meal that you could’ve easily made at home? Well, that’s what my blog is for!  I will be making different types of foods at home and uploading them here! Recipes for delicious foods and drinks will also be posted. Cooking and baking are fun activities to do! In addition to that, I haven’t been to many restaurants, but I will review the ones that I have been to and give suggestions on the food at that restaurant. From now on, you don’t have to spend your time waiting to be seated at a horrible restaurant and can make the foods that you are craving at home!

I’ve tried a variety of foods like Mexican, Thai, Italian, Indian, Korean, and much more! I’ve been to commonly known restaurants like Olive Garden and less common restaurants like Thai by Thai.  I am very excited to continue to try foods from places around the world. I am also excited to be sharing them with you! So follow my blog for more food reviews and recipes!