Panera is a great and cheap restaurant to eat at. There are many locations around the world. In Northern Virginia, there is one at the Tyson’s mall, Cascades Overlook, and many other locations.

My favorite thing to order at Panera’s is their Macaroni and Cheese. It also comes with a side, of either apples or chips.

The wait time is also usually not long, unless you go on sundays. In addition to that, the waiters and waitresses are very kind and are willing to help with whatever you need.

Overall, I 10/10 recommend going to Panera if you are looking for a place with affordable and delicious food.

3 thoughts on “Panera

  1. I remember going there a while ago, I’m think it has pastries too? If i’m right, are there any of those you think are good?

  2. I love Panera but at times I do feel like it is a bit overpriced, like a small mac and cheese costs five dollars but at a store you can get a whole entire box of mac and cheese for like two dollars. It is nce to go there every once and a while though.

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