My Favorite Queen Songs

As you all know, I love Queen. The band is so versatile, and I love all the different writing/musical styles the band members had. So, to honor one of my favorite bands, I’m going to be listing my favorite songs from a couple albums I particularly enjoy. The last names indicate which band member wrote the song (Brian May, Roger Taylor, Freddie Mercury, and John Deacon). Tim Staffell used to be the lead singer of the band Brian May and Roger Taylor were in called Smile before they met Freddie Mercury.

Queen (1973):

  • Doing All Right (May/Staffell)
  • Liar (Mercury)

Queen II (1974):

  • The Loser in the End (Taylor)
  • The March of the Black Queen (Mercury)

Sheer Heart Attack (1974):

  • Tenement Funster (Taylor)
  • In the Lap of the Gods…Revisited (Mercury)
  • Misfire (Deacon)

A Night at the Opera (1975):

  • ’39 (May)
  • Sweet Lady (May)
  • The Prophet’s Song (May)

The Game (1980):

  • Dragon Attack (May)
  • Sail Away Sweet Sister (May)

Hot Space (1982):

  • Back Chat (Deacon)
  • Las Palabras de Amor (May)
  • Cool Cat (Mercury/Deacon)