With Sympathy – Ministry

Synthpop and new wave are some of my favorite genres of music, and Ministry’s With Revenge is a great example of straight up synthpop. The album was released on May 10, 1983, and my favorite songs off the album are Should Have Known Better, Revenge, and I Wanted To Tell Her. Although, I really like all of the songs on the album. This is Ministry’s only synthpop album, and the rest of their music is a very different style of music (hard rock).

I definitely recommend With Sympathy if you enjoy synthpop, or if you want to listen to more styles of music. Currently, I am trying to find this album at record stores in the area (not a lot of choices to start with anyway). So, I think I am going to buy the vinyl on Discogs. You can get good records for pretty cheap on Discogs, I recommend the website if you can’t find what you are looking for in record stores). 

Ministry’s With Sympathy cover