Halloween: The Pumpkin Patch


 Did I scare you? Probably not, because you are reading this on a blog and not watching a horror movie. Let’s continue. Hello, Nature Nerd here! Day two of my Halloween posts. Halloween is tomorrow. I want to share some of my stories of going to the pumpkin patch. Let’s jump right into this. So here are my stories from the pumpkin patch.

 There is a pumpkin patch about thirty minutes away from my house. Me and my mom’s side of the family go there every year to get pumpkins for Halloween. The pumpkin patch I go to has a Fall Festival where they have lots of attractions and, of course, pumpkins. They have a small animals area where you can feed and pet some of them. They have a corn maze that I almost got lost in one time. They have a hay ride that takes you to a pumpkin patch to get your pumpkins. They have two big bounce pillows that kids can jump around on. The pumpkin patch also has a big lounge chair that is about twenty-feet tall that me and my family always take pictures in every time we go.

 Turkeys, guinea fowl, and the chickens in the animal area wander around, because they are safe enough to not have to stay in a pen and they could just fly out the enclosure, anyway. Although, the turkeys are territorial and they will march together in a line and come toward you squawking. It is kind of scary, but all you have to do is show them who is the boss by stomping loudly or jumping toward them. They can smell fear!

 The hay rides take people to the huge field of pumpkins, but that are still attached to their stems. You can ask them for a pocket-knife-like-tool so you can get your pumpkin without the trouble of trying to rip the stem. The hayride is a tractor that is pulling along a big wagon where the visitors sit. I always get a small pumpkin and a big pumpkin. One to paint and one to carve. The wagon stops once we get to the pumpkin patch and the wagon lets the people off the hayride. The wagon gives everyone about 10 minutes to pick which pumpkin they want. Then, everyone hops back on the wagon with their pumpkins and goes back to the main area. Like most pumpkin patches, they put it on a scale and you pay based on the weight. That is how the system works. 

 One year during a pumpkin patch visit, I was about eight, my family and I had just picked out our pumpkins and we hopped on the wagon with them. The tractor started its engine and we started to move slowly. In the distance a little kid, maybe four or five years old, started running after the wagon. A woman, who I am assuming was the child’s mom, shouted at the tractor driver to stop, but the driver couldn’t hear her over the noise of the tractor’s engine. She shouted louder until eventually the driver heard her and he stopped the tractor. The kid hopped into the wagon and he was panting from running after the wagon. Nothing more to that story, accept the fact that we almost left a little kid in a huge field of pumpkins.

 There were two bounce pillows. Just in case you didn’t know, a bounce pillow is basically a  giant moon-bounce attached to the ground, usually surrounded by sand, without walls or barriers. I call them bounce pillows, because they look like giant pillows on the ground. One time, my friend had her birthday party at the pumpkin patch, because her birthday is near Halloween. We had a lot of fun seeing the animals, exploring the corn maze, going on the hayride, and the day was coming to a close. We went over to the bounce pillows and started bouncing around having fun, until my friend decided to play Popcorn. Popcorn is a game that you can play on trampolines and moon-bounces where most people playing lie down and curl themselves in ball and hold that position. While other people bounce on the trampoline/moon-bounce and try to make the other people let go of their ball position. As you can probably tell, this game is kind of dangerous. We started to play and I, along with other people, started on the ground in a ball first. I was one of the last few to survive, when suddenly all of the people jumping jumped in unison and as a small sixty-pound child at the time, I went flying off of the bounce pillow and landed hard on the ground. Let’s just say I had lots of bruises after that. 

 Those were my stories from the pumpkin patch. Have you ever been to a pumpkin patch? Please tell me your thoughts and experiences in the comments. Also, leave a link to your blog in the comments, so I can repay the visit. I always enjoy hearing from you guys. Thank you for reading. A post about my tips on how to get the most candy on Halloween is coming tomorrow. So stick around if you want to see that! That is all from me. Nerd out! 😛