Can You Guess the Disney Movie by the Emojis?

 Hello, my party-people and resolution-writers! My new-year-nerds and my confetti-community! Nature nerd here. Some say the new decade starts this year and some say it starts in 2021. Whichever you believe, I hope your New Year was filled with sparkling cider and lots of confetti. I spent my holiday at a ski resort with my family. It was my first time skiing and I fell a few times while trying to get off the ski-lift. How did you celebrate? Sadly, Winter break is over and I have got some catching up to do. Here is my Week 6 Emoji Blog Post.

 I have created a quizizz for this week, like when I did one on the lyrics from songs in broadway musicals. This time it is based off of something else I am interested in, Disney. Ten questions, you have thirty seconds each. Do you think you can guess the Disney movie by the emojis? Let’s find out:

 What was your score? Tell me in the comments below, I always enjoy hearing from you guys. I also have a four-question poll about New Year’s Resolutions that you can take here, even if you don’t write them: New Year’s Resolutions. I will post the responses and statistics (With individual privacy, of course) in a future post. Thank you for reading; I need to get rolling. Nerd out! 😛