DIY Holiday crafts

Hello, my grateful gobblers and my tinsel-lovers! My party people and my happy hoppers! Nature Nerd here. I love holidays! The excitement, the decorations, the costumes, the lights, the food, and the worry of scrambling around the crowded shopping mall to buy presents for everyone–because you procrastinated and the holiday is tomorrow.

Anyways, it is week seven for the 2019 Student Blogging Challenge, and this week’s topic is holidays! Halloween has just passed, and it marks the start of the holiday season. Next, for me, is Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. I have put together a little DIY craft video for you. That way, you can celebrate the holidays with spirit and decorations! Ready to get your craft on? Ready, set, go!

Are you in the holiday spirit now? I know I am. What holidays do you celebrate? Tell me in the comments below. Also tell me your holiday stories and traditions.  I always enjoy hearing from you guys. My parents hide a pickle ornament on the Christmas tree every year. My brother and I have a race to find it, and whoever finds it first gets to open the first present on Christmas day.  I wish you a happy holiday, no matter what you celebrate. Thank you for reading; I need to get rolling. Nerd out! 😛