19 Questions I have for you

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     Good greetings, my epic gamers and procrastinators! My extroverted introverts and my introverted extroverts! Nature Nerd here. We have been through several weeks of staying at home and I still don’t know if I enjoy it or not. On one hand I have a bit more downtime and have been able to do a daily workout for the first time, but on the other hand, school work seems to be much worse and take more time than expected (Especially the application we are required to use, which is a rant that I will spare you from). I have got back into the world of videogames and I am now using discord and servers to play with my friends online, but I do miss going to trampoline parks and pools with them. 

     What do you miss the most from normal life? Honestly, I miss not being able to see my friends and family the most. Usually I get to see my extended family from both sides about once or twice a month for birthdays and events. I think the last time I saw them was Christmas.

     Moving on from the introduction and into the transition: My communications class have written lists of questions that we would like an answer to. For me, my questions don’t fit into a theme or category. Some of them are questions I think about a lot, others are to generate ideas, some are just because I want to hear your stories and opinions. For those reasons, here is 19 questions I have for you:


  • Do you consider eyebrows facial hair?
  • What is a funny story you like to share now, that was horrific at the time?
  • Can you describe the taste of water through words?
  • Why is “Photo” spelled with a “Ph” and “Footage” spelled with an “F”?
  • What do you think is something that people pretend to like, even if they don’t?
  • What interesting/weird things have you overheard in public spaces?
  • What question do you have that no one has given you a good/clear answer to? (Mine is the first question)
  • Is there a word for someone who is both an extrovert and an introvert?
  • What do you think dogs and cats think about?
  • What is your favorite comeback from a Disney movie?
  • What is a strange fact you recently learned that you can’t get out of your mind?
  • What is your plan for a zombie apocalypse?
  • Do you know of any weird phobias? (Anatidaephobia is the fear that, somewhere, a duck is always watching you)
  • What is a nostalgic show that you want to rewatch an episode of?
  • What Disney character do you most relate to and why?
  • What is something embarrassing you did as a child that you laugh about now?
  • What is something you bought, but you have never used since?
  • What is your strangest pet peeve?
  • What is a strange law that almost everyone breaks?

     Which question(s) would you like to answer? Go ahead and leave your answer in the comment below. I always love to hear from all of you! Also, how has your self-quarantine been going? Go check out my classmates list of questions, they are thinkers like you and I. Thank you for reading; I need to get rolling. Nerd out! 😛

7 interesting things about ME!


     Good day, my travel-buddies and my nature-lovers! My theatre-geeks and my disney-fans! It is another year and another student blogging challenge. Speaking of a new year, as I am sure you know that 2020 has not had the greatest start (Being home instead of at school with my bros). We have had WWIII rumors, wildfires in Australia, and the virus that shall NOT be named. It is no longer relevant for me to tell you to make sure you “Wash your hands” and “Don’t touch your face”, but I am sure you have heard that many times before. Let’s continue! I have found new interests over the past year and I want to give you a quick taste of the growing me. Here are 7 interesting things about me:

  • I love nature. As you can tell by my blog name, I am a nature-lover. I love animals so much! I even have three dogs. All are adorable and fun to be around. I love to go hiking and exploring in the woods, or by waterfalls, or in caves, or anywhere in nature! 
  • I am a theatre kid. I am currently the lead in a one-act play at my middle school. I have been in 15 musicals and 23 shows over all (Not including ballet recitals when I was a little kid). Some I have been in you may recognize: School of Rock, Frozen, the Addams Family musical, and my personal favorite musical, Newsies (I have been in it twice)!
  • I love holidays and celebrations. I go all out on spirit days at school and holidays with family. I always make every slightly special event a celebration. I love spending time with family and friends on holidays such as Easter and Halloween. Even if my avatar above might not look like me, it shows my desire to have fun, be crazy, and sprinkle everyone with confetti.
  • I love to bike. Speaking of holidays, I got a new bike for Christmas and I have been biking to school, to shopping centers, and to parks more. I love the feeling of cruising fast downhill with the wind in my hair. I have recently been biking with my friends around town. We have had a good time going to playgrounds and ice cream shops. 
  • I am a summer gal. I love the beach, swimming, and spending my afternoon enjoying the warm sun. I don’t have to worry about bundling up in a sweater (while it is fun), instead I can kick off my flip-flops and feel the sand between my toes. I always remember to stop and smell the roses.
  • I love art. No matter the kind, I love to paint, sketch, write, make film, color, fold origami, sew, etc. Even if it isn’t technically art, such as building sculptures in minecraft or using digital art apps. I even make my own Halloween costume!
  • I am a travel-buff. I have been to lots of places around the world with my family. Every other summer we go to the beach and have a splash! (Haha puns). My parents, older brother, and I all enjoy seeing the world together. You should try it some time!

     That wraps up the first task of this years’ Student Blogging Challenge. Do you have anything in common with me? What is your biggest hobby/interest? Tell me in the comments down below. I want to thank all of you for continuing to stay with my blog. Thank you for reading; I need to get rolling. Nerd out! 😛

11 things I learned in 8th grade that haunt me to this day

 Hello, my blog-lovers and dog-lovers! My readers and writers! My fellow nature nerds! Nature Nerd here. Wow. It has been a long time since I have last posted. It has been 55 days. That is 1,320 hours, 79,200 minutes, 4,752,000 seconds. Moving on from math, the 2020 Student Blogging Challenge is coming up. Before the challenge starts, my communications class all created our very own listicles! A listicle is “a piece of writing or other content presented wholly or partly in the form of a list” (I had to look that up 😎). Other people did lists of useful knowledge that one could use to be a better person. But if you have read my blog before, you know I post on the more “silly” side of things. Now that the introduction is complete, let’s take a leap of faith into my listicle of 11 strange things I learned in 8TH GRADE that haunt me to this day:

!! – Scientists still don’t know why smaller dogs live longer than bigger dogs:

It is weird to think, after all the hard work that humanity has put in to reach the modern face of science, scientists still have no explanation on why smaller dogs live longer than larger ones. There are some theories circling around the internet, but there is no solid evidence. Most large animals, such as whales, live much longer, because it takes more time to pump blood over the organisms body. As a result, larger organisms have less heart beats.

!) – Dolphins can help humans from shipwrecks and other disasters because, as a mammal, they know “the pain” of drowning: 

Dolphins and other whales have been found to show empathy, compassion, and grief, not only to other members of their species and genes, but to humans as well. Scientists don’t have an explanation why. When a human is attacked by a shark, they sometimes protect the human, because a shark is a common enemy between species. Same with shipwrecks and drowning.

( – Squirrels are behind most power outages in the United States:

The squirrels are after us, their empire is building, they have made subtle attacks, but soon they will strike. . .just kidding! Most people blame lightning or storms, but the percentage of lightning hitting the surface is very low. Squirrels are common in most regions around the U.S. In August of 2013, 24 power outages caused by squirrels nationwide.

* – Every morning you wake up with a new consciousness:

A consciousness is defined as a “sentience or awareness of internal or external existence.” When you are asleep, you are not aware of your external surroundings and internal thoughts when dreaming. Therefore, every morning you wake up with a new consciousness. I am not sure if this is a scientific fact, a friend pointed it out to me, and it made me think.

& – Reading and dreaming are from two different parts of the brain, that is why you can’t read in dreams: 

The reading part of the brain, the wordbox, is located on the left side of the brain. It transfers words from our visual system, to the language region. The right side of the brain, which controls dreaming, doesn’t interact with the wordbox, but it does with other parts of your brain. You can’t tell time in a dream as well. Strange.

^ – The GoodYear blimp is the official bird of Redondo Beach, California: 

This one is just as weird as it sounds and just as weird as it gets. Redondo Beach is a city by the coast, near the landing airport of the GoodYear blimp. It became the city’s official bird in 1983. Why? I don’t even know. Is it a bird? I still don’t even know.

% – Phones affect the strength of your muscles:

Let me teach you a fun trick for any hangout. First, ask a friend to stand up and put their dominant arm up straight to their side. Then, Tell them to hold their arm still and resist, while you push down on their arm for two to three seconds. Next, have them use their opposite arm to hold their phone up to their chest. Now, try the arm resisting experiment again. You will find that you can push down their arm without breaking a sweat. This is because of the electromagnetic waves that emit from phones. Don’t believe me? C’mon, try it!

$ – Sloths can hold their breath longer than dolphins can:

When slowing down their heart rate, a sloth can breath underwater for up to 40 minutes. On average, that is four to twelve times longer than any dolphin. Also, around eighty times longer than the average human. Although, wet sloths are creatures straight from nightmares.

# – Cats bring back dead animals, usually because they think you are a bad hunter and they don’t want you to starve: 

While cats are thought to be heartless creatures who kill innocent animals, they are not as evil as they seem. They bring back animals they have hunted, because they think you are an unskilled hunter. The cat wants to teach you and make sure you don’t starve. It is the ultimate sign of love from a cat.

@ – No matter how hard you try, you can never remember how your dream started: 

Another dream related one! Dreams always start in the middle of an event. The left side of the brain, the side controlling reading, logic, and memory, is resting while we sleep. That makes it difficult to remember our dreams, but, no matter what, you can never remember the beginning. 

! – Your tongue never rests:

Your tongue is always moving. It never rests at the bottom of your mouth. It is either helping you eat, talk, or pressed against your teeth or pressed to the top of your mouth. This is the top one because I think about it every day and I can’t get it out of my mind. Hopefully, after reading this, you won’t have this always stuck in your head, or at the tip of your tongue.

 I want to apologize for sharing this listicle with you, in case you have these odd facts stuck in the back of your mind too. It was fun to write and now you can share this knowledge with your friends. Do you have any weird or wacky facts? Feel free to share them in the comments below! Also, go and learn from my classmates about things they learned this school year. Anyways, that sums up this blog post. Can’t wait to see you again once the challenge starts. Here comes the old tagline: Thank you for reading; I need to get rolling. Nerd out! 😛

My Student Blogging Challenge Reflection

 Greetings, my commenting-crowd and my blogging-buddies! My posting-people and my rad-readers! It has been a stimulating nine posts. Posts sharing my interests such as theatre, nature, holidays, and more. I have reached a total of twenty-one comments and three-hundred and eleven pageviews. Most comments were from classmates, but quite a few were from people I have never known before. That is why I appreciate blogging so much. You have the opportunity to share your life experiences with others, make new friends, and unearth a world that I have never seen before.

 I adored writing all of my posts, but my favorite post has to be “Halloween: How to get the most candy while Trick-or-Treating!” Which you can read here: Boo! Holidays have always been a passion of mine. I got to do research on the most popular costumes, how many people celebrate Halloween, etc. I had the chance to teach my tips on how to get the most candy, too. Tips such as “Keep the number of group members to a minimum” and “Don’t take too long at each house”. I have used these tips and every year I get more and more candy and I am delighted to assist others in getting more candy. In fact, I still have my stash of candy from Halloween. 

 It was appealing to learn about different web tools, too. We got to add in a visitor tracking widget. Mine is a globe that spins around and around, showing little green dots for where in the world someone is reading. I have gotten viewers from Tennessee, New York, New Jersey, and even Canada. I have the Student Blogging Challenge badge for 2019 underneath my visitor tracking widget, as well, to show that I am satisfied to take part in the challenge. 

 I assume I know what you are thinking. Don’t worry, I am not going to stop blogging just because the Student Blogging Challenge is over. I will still be creating posts about my personality, my experiences, and my interests. I have a lot of ideas that I want to present to you before this school year is over. Stay tuned for that. What is your favorite part of blogging? Tell me in the comments below. Also, please leave a link to your favorite post you have written, so I can repay the visit. I always enjoy hearing from you guys. Thank you for reading; I need to get rolling. Nerd out! 😛

Can You Guess the Disney Movie by the Emojis?

 Hello, my party-people and resolution-writers! My new-year-nerds and my confetti-community! Nature nerd here. Some say the new decade starts this year and some say it starts in 2021. Whichever you believe, I hope your New Year was filled with sparkling cider and lots of confetti. I spent my holiday at a ski resort with my family. It was my first time skiing and I fell a few times while trying to get off the ski-lift. How did you celebrate? Sadly, Winter break is over and I have got some catching up to do. Here is my Week 6 Emoji Blog Post.

 I have created a quizizz for this week, like when I did one on the lyrics from songs in broadway musicals. This time it is based off of something else I am interested in, Disney. Ten questions, you have thirty seconds each. Do you think you can guess the Disney movie by the emojis? Let’s find out:

 What was your score? Tell me in the comments below, I always enjoy hearing from you guys. I also have a four-question poll about New Year’s Resolutions that you can take here, even if you don’t write them: New Year’s Resolutions. I will post the responses and statistics (With individual privacy, of course) in a future post. Thank you for reading; I need to get rolling. Nerd out! 😛

DIY Holiday crafts

Hello, my grateful gobblers and my tinsel-lovers! My party people and my happy hoppers! Nature Nerd here. I love holidays! The excitement, the decorations, the costumes, the lights, the food, and the worry of scrambling around the crowded shopping mall to buy presents for everyone–because you procrastinated and the holiday is tomorrow.

Anyways, it is week seven for the 2019 Student Blogging Challenge, and this week’s topic is holidays! Halloween has just passed, and it marks the start of the holiday season. Next, for me, is Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. I have put together a little DIY craft video for you. That way, you can celebrate the holidays with spirit and decorations! Ready to get your craft on? Ready, set, go!

Are you in the holiday spirit now? I know I am. What holidays do you celebrate? Tell me in the comments below. Also tell me your holiday stories and traditions.  I always enjoy hearing from you guys. My parents hide a pickle ornament on the Christmas tree every year. My brother and I have a race to find it, and whoever finds it first gets to open the first present on Christmas day.  I wish you a happy holiday, no matter what you celebrate. Thank you for reading; I need to get rolling. Nerd out! 😛

Broadway Musical Songs Quiz: Finish the Lyrics!

Hello, my fellow theatre geeks! Nature Nerd here. Music is great. It can make you feel happy, sad, excited, like you want to dance, goofy, or like you feel like smashing all the furniture in your room. But please don’t do that. Plato once said that, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” I believe is true, because music can make people feel alive and make them want to dance. As a theatre geek, I am always up for dancing.

 My favorite kinds of music are soundtracks. I listen to soundtracks all the time, whether it is from a Disney movie or from a Broadway show. This is why I have created the ultimate “Finish the Lyrics” Broadway musical song quiz on a website called “Quizizz.com”. Do you have what it takes to get all of them right? Let’s find out. Click on the image to get to the quiz or use this link:


Tell me, what was your score? Also, what was your favorite musical that appeared on the quiz. Let me know in the comments below. I always want to know what you guys think. Keep listening, grooving, and singing to music. Music can reduce stress, improve memory, and ease pain. Thank you for reading, now I should get rolling. Nerd out! 😛

Halloween: How to get the most candy while Trick-or-Treating!

 Hello everyone! Nature Nerd here. Halloween is TODAY! I am busy preparing to trick or treat. I have my costume, my trick-or-treat bag, but most of all, a strategy. A strategy is vital if you want to get the most candy. If you don’t have a strategy, then, you are in luck! Here are my top five tips on how to get the most candy on halloween:

Number 5

 Have a good costume! Having a good costume is important if you want to get lots of candy. Go for an original, homemade costume. According to U.S.A. Today, the most popular boys costume of 2019 is spiderman and the most googled is also spiderman. The most popular girls costume is Elsa from Frozen and Harley Quinn is the most googled. IT chapter two costumes and inflatable T-rex costumes are also popular (But people love inflatable T-rexes). Do something original like a bubblegum machine or some kind of food. You can make something to hide your legs and you can make fake legs, that way it looks like you are flying. You can be flying in a hover machine or maybe even a hot air balloon. BUT don’t be too original. You don’t want people to ask, “So, what are you supposed to be?” Characters you create yourself can be cool, but I recommend not doing that, because people want to see their favorite characters or something they can connect with. You can also go as twins such as peanut butter and jelly or salt and pepper. You can go as groups of more than two as well. People will love it! Older folks will also love old cartoons such as Popeye, the Addams Family, or Scooby Doo. Although, the most important tip on a costume is to have a costume. Almost one hundred percent of the time, you will not get any candy if you don’t have a costume. Even if those hats that say “this is my costume,” look like a good joke, it depends on who you go to and who will think it is funny enough to give candy to that person. 


Number 4

 Keep the number of group members to a minimum! One of my pet peeves is slow walkers. If you want to invite ten people to trick or treat then you can, but you won’t get as much candy that way. Too many people means that people are most likely going to walk slowly which wastes a lot of time. Also, to many people means that it will take longer at each house. CNN claims that over 172 million Americans participate in Halloween every year. That is a lot of people and a lot of time to take up. I would suggest no more than four or five people. If you’re parents are coming with you they might walk slower or start to talk to other adults. If you come across a pipestem or another fork in the neighborhood road, then you can tell your parents to stay at the top of the pipestem while you go fast to all the houses and meet them at the top. Ta-da! More candy.


Number 3

 Don’t take too long at each house! Yes, I know. We can all be picky when it comes to candy. Although, taking more time at each house means that you will not cover more houses. Which in result, means you won’t get as much candy. If someone answers the door and says, “Pick what you would like?” Most people would take around a minute to pick out their candy. Just pick the first thing you see, then later you and your friends can trade your candy around to see who wants what. If you want to pick something you like, then give yourself around 5 seconds. Now listen, I am a huge animal-lover, if they have a dog or a cat don’t take the time to stop and pet it. You may pet it quick, but don’t start a conversation about what breed, where the owner got the pet, what the pet’s name is, etc. 


Number 2

 Don’t take just one! I know some people will say that this is mean, but there is a solution. Don’t be too mean and take the whole bowl, unless it is past eight-thirty at night. That way most of the small children are going to bed, so you don’t have to worry about the house not having enough candy for everyone. Take around one or two handfuls. Maybe three if they have more than one bowl of candy out. My family always puts around four or five bowls outside so we don’t run out of candy for the trick-or-treaters. Get as much candy as you can, without being mean, because we need our stash to last until June. 


Number 1

 THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS…to use your own money to buy a huge bag of candy at a grocery store. Just Kidding! The most important thing is to have a set route. You don’t have to map out the whole neighborhood, but you can if you want to. Try your best to get to the houses with the king-sized bars as soon as possible, but don’t skip houses. If you think it will save time to skip an area and came back to it, then you are wrong. You are most likely not going to come back to that area, because you will probably forget about it or be too far away to come back. Don’t waste your time on houses that don’t have decorations or don’t have their indoor lights on, because most of the time they won’t have candy. Make sure you walk fast, but don’t run. If you run a lot then your feet will start to hurt and it will be harder to keep going. Make sure you have a big bag that can fit a lot of candy or you can have a smaller bag and leave a bigger bag with your parents if they are coming as well. 


 Those were my tips on how to get the most candy on Halloween. Here is a bonus tip: Have a good hiding spot for your candy. You don’t want your parents or other people to steal your candy that you worked hard to get. Make sure to measure your bag after you go trick-or-treating or count the pieces of candy you got. Tell me, what is the most amount of candy you have ever gotten? Write your answer in the comments. Also, tell me some of your Halloween stories and what you were for Halloween this year. I am interested to hear from you. Please leave a link to your blog in the comments as well, so I can repay the visit. Thanks for reading. I wish you a Happy Halloween. Go and get that candy, troops! Nerd out! 😛

Halloween: The Pumpkin Patch


 Did I scare you? Probably not, because you are reading this on a blog and not watching a horror movie. Let’s continue. Hello, Nature Nerd here! Day two of my Halloween posts. Halloween is tomorrow. I want to share some of my stories of going to the pumpkin patch. Let’s jump right into this. So here are my stories from the pumpkin patch.

 There is a pumpkin patch about thirty minutes away from my house. Me and my mom’s side of the family go there every year to get pumpkins for Halloween. The pumpkin patch I go to has a Fall Festival where they have lots of attractions and, of course, pumpkins. They have a small animals area where you can feed and pet some of them. They have a corn maze that I almost got lost in one time. They have a hay ride that takes you to a pumpkin patch to get your pumpkins. They have two big bounce pillows that kids can jump around on. The pumpkin patch also has a big lounge chair that is about twenty-feet tall that me and my family always take pictures in every time we go.

 Turkeys, guinea fowl, and the chickens in the animal area wander around, because they are safe enough to not have to stay in a pen and they could just fly out the enclosure, anyway. Although, the turkeys are territorial and they will march together in a line and come toward you squawking. It is kind of scary, but all you have to do is show them who is the boss by stomping loudly or jumping toward them. They can smell fear!

 The hay rides take people to the huge field of pumpkins, but that are still attached to their stems. You can ask them for a pocket-knife-like-tool so you can get your pumpkin without the trouble of trying to rip the stem. The hayride is a tractor that is pulling along a big wagon where the visitors sit. I always get a small pumpkin and a big pumpkin. One to paint and one to carve. The wagon stops once we get to the pumpkin patch and the wagon lets the people off the hayride. The wagon gives everyone about 10 minutes to pick which pumpkin they want. Then, everyone hops back on the wagon with their pumpkins and goes back to the main area. Like most pumpkin patches, they put it on a scale and you pay based on the weight. That is how the system works. 

 One year during a pumpkin patch visit, I was about eight, my family and I had just picked out our pumpkins and we hopped on the wagon with them. The tractor started its engine and we started to move slowly. In the distance a little kid, maybe four or five years old, started running after the wagon. A woman, who I am assuming was the child’s mom, shouted at the tractor driver to stop, but the driver couldn’t hear her over the noise of the tractor’s engine. She shouted louder until eventually the driver heard her and he stopped the tractor. The kid hopped into the wagon and he was panting from running after the wagon. Nothing more to that story, accept the fact that we almost left a little kid in a huge field of pumpkins.

 There were two bounce pillows. Just in case you didn’t know, a bounce pillow is basically a  giant moon-bounce attached to the ground, usually surrounded by sand, without walls or barriers. I call them bounce pillows, because they look like giant pillows on the ground. One time, my friend had her birthday party at the pumpkin patch, because her birthday is near Halloween. We had a lot of fun seeing the animals, exploring the corn maze, going on the hayride, and the day was coming to a close. We went over to the bounce pillows and started bouncing around having fun, until my friend decided to play Popcorn. Popcorn is a game that you can play on trampolines and moon-bounces where most people playing lie down and curl themselves in ball and hold that position. While other people bounce on the trampoline/moon-bounce and try to make the other people let go of their ball position. As you can probably tell, this game is kind of dangerous. We started to play and I, along with other people, started on the ground in a ball first. I was one of the last few to survive, when suddenly all of the people jumping jumped in unison and as a small sixty-pound child at the time, I went flying off of the bounce pillow and landed hard on the ground. Let’s just say I had lots of bruises after that. 

 Those were my stories from the pumpkin patch. Have you ever been to a pumpkin patch? Please tell me your thoughts and experiences in the comments. Also, leave a link to your blog in the comments, so I can repay the visit. I always enjoy hearing from you guys. Thank you for reading. A post about my tips on how to get the most candy on Halloween is coming tomorrow. So stick around if you want to see that! That is all from me. Nerd out! 😛

Halloween: A Spooky Surprise

     Hello, my ghouls and goblins! My spooky spiders and my vile vampires! Nature Nerd here. It is that time of year to wake the dead and to pop out the popcorn and watch scary movies. We have two days till Halloween and I thought I would put out a blog post each day sharing my stories and thoughts on the holiday. I will post a page every day from now on coming up till Halloween when I finish it off. 

     I am participating in the Student Blogging Challenge. During week three, we need to create a story or a poem about an image we found online. The twist is that we need to make sure we can use the image without interfering with Copyright law. I have created a poem telling a story. Two in one! Here is my poem:

A Spooky Surprise

It once again is that time of year.

The witches come to taste your fear.

The zombies have awaken to eat your brain.

The maniacs are also not so sane.

Vampires pop out to suck your blood.

The swamp monsters emerge from the mud.

It’s grim, there are ghouls, goblins, and ghosts.

Looking for what they seek most,

they search for your pain and screams,

But all is not what it seems.

Jack-o-lanterns, there are a ton.

But there are lots of things, not scary, but fun.

Of course, we have the sweets.

Dressing up to trick or treat.

The lights are up and shining bright,

But in the distance, I see something that gives me a fright. 

The figure approaches and I feel a chill.

I was not prepared for the upcoming thrill.

I didn’t know what to do.

Suddenly, it curled up by my shoe.

I looked down, it wasn’t scary at all.

For it was just a black kitten, so cute and small.

To see a black cat on Halloween is bad luck, I’ve heard so.

But the kitten wanted to be pet, it was hard to say no.

The kitten was not at all a fright.

More of an adorable surprise on Halloween Night…

Then, I fell down the stairs the next day.

The End.

    I hope you enjoyed the poem. If you are interested in finding images without having to worry about copyright, then I recommend this website: http://www.pics4learning.com/ Thank you for visiting my blog. I will have another Halloween story posted tomorrow. The next one is about my experiences at a pumpkin patch. So, please stick around if you want to see that. Thank you for reading. Nerd out! 😛