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     Good greetings, my epic gamers and procrastinators! My extroverted introverts and my introverted extroverts! Nature Nerd here. We have been through several weeks of staying at home and I still don’t know if I enjoy it or not. On one hand I have a bit more downtime and have been able to do a daily workout for the first time, but on the other hand, school work seems to be much worse and take more time than expected (Especially the application we are required to use, which is a rant that I will spare you from). I have got back into the world of videogames and I am now using discord and servers to play with my friends online, but I do miss going to trampoline parks and pools with them. 

     What do you miss the most from normal life? Honestly, I miss not being able to see my friends and family the most. Usually I get to see my extended family from both sides about once or twice a month for birthdays and events. I think the last time I saw them was Christmas.

     Moving on from the introduction and into the transition: My communications class have written lists of questions that we would like an answer to. For me, my questions don’t fit into a theme or category. Some of them are questions I think about a lot, others are to generate ideas, some are just because I want to hear your stories and opinions. For those reasons, here is 19 questions I have for you:


  • Do you consider eyebrows facial hair?
  • What is a funny story you like to share now, that was horrific at the time?
  • Can you describe the taste of water through words?
  • Why is “Photo” spelled with a “Ph” and “Footage” spelled with an “F”?
  • What do you think is something that people pretend to like, even if they don’t?
  • What interesting/weird things have you overheard in public spaces?
  • What question do you have that no one has given you a good/clear answer to? (Mine is the first question)
  • Is there a word for someone who is both an extrovert and an introvert?
  • What do you think dogs and cats think about?
  • What is your favorite comeback from a Disney movie?
  • What is a strange fact you recently learned that you can’t get out of your mind?
  • What is your plan for a zombie apocalypse?
  • Do you know of any weird phobias? (Anatidaephobia is the fear that, somewhere, a duck is always watching you)
  • What is a nostalgic show that you want to rewatch an episode of?
  • What Disney character do you most relate to and why?
  • What is something embarrassing you did as a child that you laugh about now?
  • What is something you bought, but you have never used since?
  • What is your strangest pet peeve?
  • What is a strange law that almost everyone breaks?

     Which question(s) would you like to answer? Go ahead and leave your answer in the comment below. I always love to hear from all of you! Also, how has your self-quarantine been going? Go check out my classmates list of questions, they are thinkers like you and I. Thank you for reading; I need to get rolling. Nerd out! 😛

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  1. Greetings, Nature Nerd!

    I’d definitely prefer to be in school because not only do I miss my students, but I’ve never spent so much time seated in front of a computer in my entire life. I crave time away from screens! Since I can’t walk around giving verbal feedback, everything has to be written, and my right wrist aches. However, since my name isn’t Russell, I won’t bore you with my ailments. HA HA

    Instead, I’ll answer some of your quirky questions:

    Yes, I consider eyebrows to be facial hair.
    Water tastes like morning dew on a cool Spring day.
    I always find it interesting to hear stranger speaking in their native language. It immediately captures my attention and I wish I spoke more than one language.
    How about an extroverted introvert? I think that might describe me. 🙂
    Something I recently learned about that has been whitewashed from American history is the Tulsa Race Massacre that happened 99 years ago on June 1st. I loved the Brady Bunch and The Twilight Zone. I bought an inversion table–when you hang upside down to stretch your back–and it’s still in the box in my garage.

    Be safe. I miss ya!

    Rolling out, Mrs. Rombach 🙂

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