A to Z: My most stupid injury!

    A to Z: My most stupid injury

     I’m adventurous. I live on the edge, but that can be dangerous. If there is one exciting story that sums me up fantastically. It is this one. Don’t get me started about how much of an idiot I was being when this story took place. Before I start, please just prepare yourself. This is the story of my most stupid injury:

     I live in a nice neighborhood. Kind neighbors, suburban houses, a nearby woods to explore, and a park I can walk to and from. All the trimmings. Me and my friend were messing around and we created a contraption. We took a Lightning Mcqueen toy car (Not a small one, but one that little kids can ride in), and a children’s, battery-powered quad. We tied a rope from the back of the quad to the back of the other one. This way, one person can sit in the Lightning Mcqueen while the other one drives the quad. We were unstoppable, our crazy vehicle was ready. I know this seems weird. I x-rayed the area, scanning for cars to make sure they don’t hit us. The coast was clear, but let me tell you what happened next. We went to the top of my neighbors steep driveway. I got in the Lightning Mcqueen and she got on the quad. As she got ready to take off, I hesitated. I thought to myself, This might not be the best–too late. My friend zoomed down the hill and took a sharp right turn at the bottom. The car I was in, flung to the left and flipped to its side and skidded across the sidewalk. I crashed into my neighbor’s mailbox with a loud thud. I didn’t fall out of the car, I was just sitting their sideways, paralyzed with the thought, What in the world just happened? I ended up getting cuts and bruises on my legs. Plus, I almost sprained my ankle. Ah, good memories. 

What is your worst or most stupid injury? Leave a comment to let me know. I love hearing your stories, too! Leave a link in the comments to yours so I can repay the visit. Thank you for visiting. See you later! 😛

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  1. Hi Kylie-

    That’s quite a story! My most ridiculous injury has to be when I broke my arm in two places running down a wet, metal slide in the rain. Not sure what I was thinking, but my younger brother was laughing hysterically as I stood up with a Z-shaped arm. That ended my archery career…and any chance I had of being a stunt woman. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your zany driveway adventures!

    Mrs. Rombach

  2. Nature Nerd-

    If you prefer, you can share a link to your All About Me OR your A to Z post for the Student Blogging Challenge Google Form. I know you’re still working on your avatar post…but either of these previous posts fit the assignment, too. We were ahead of the game! 🙂

    Here’s the link to submit your Week One post: https://forms.gle/iUHuFrUjKSqXhmqUA

    See you in class-
    Mrs. Rombach 🙂

  3. That’s quite the story, but what exactly did you injure? I’ve read through a couple of time but could’t find it. I’d love to know! I think the stupidest way I’ve gotten an injury was when I leaned down the stairs and tumbled down onto a dresser. I almost lost a few teeth that day.

    • Hey Abigail,

      I heard you were wondering how I got injured. Well, I got scraps and bruises on the legs and I almost sprained my ankle. I also want to say “Yikes!” Falling down the stairs can’t be fun. Plus, the added crashing into the dresser can’t feel good. Luckily, your teeth stayed in your mouth!

      Nature Nerd

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