Houston Rockets vs Golden State Warriors

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On Thursday January 2nd the Houston Rockets took on the Golden State Warriors. The Rockets won the game 135-134. Yesterday’s game showed us the Houston Rockets are capable of making it far in the playoffs. The game went to overtime with a score of 121-121 .James Harden had a triple double that night consisting of 44 points 15 assists and 10 rebounds. Harden has been doing amazing the season and is on track to win another MVP. Although the game was fun to watch there were the refs were absolute garbage. On one particular play Kevin Durant had saved the ball while going out of bounds, but the refs didn’t see it and the game went on. Kevin Durant went on to have 26 points at the end of that game

Cavaliers vs Pacers

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On December 19th the Cleveland Cavaliers take beat Indiana Pacers with a close game 92-91. Without Lebron the Cavs aren’t what they used to be and have a current record of 8-23. The cavaliers are currently the ranked 13 in the Eastern Conference. Larry Nance jr. the son of Larry Nance won the game for the Cavs by tipping in the ball after Rodney hood attempted a shot near the free throw line. The Pacers have been doing very well this season with Victor Oladipo. Victor Oladipo put up 12 points with 5 rebounds and 5 assists. The Cavs do not seem to be a playoff team, but with this win they have proved they are capable of beating teams better than their own

San Antonio Spurs vs. The L.A. Lakers

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On Wednesday December 15th the Los Angeles Lakers took on the Spurs . The Lakers won 121-113 placing 5th in the Western conference. Demar DeRozan a former Toronto Raptor recently got traded during the offseason and is now currently on the Spurs. Demar had 31 points 3 assists and 7 rebounds against the Lakers , but it was not enough for the Spurs to win. The Lakers now have been finding their chemistry with each other and have been able to win more games.  Lebron put up 42 points 5 rebounds and  assists. Lonzo ball has also been performing much better than the beginning of the season. Lonzo in the game against the Spurs has shown us what he is capable of with Veteran point guard Rajon Rondo out with an injury.

Warriors win by 6 points

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On November 26th The Orlando Magic took on the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors won the game 116-110 without their star player Steph Curry. Steph Curry recently suffered an ankle injury which is why he has been unable to participate in the recent games. In yesterday’s game against the Magic, Kevin durant put up an astounding 49 points 9 assists and 6 rebounds scoring more than anyone on the floor that night. Although Kevin durant and other players on the warriors are performing well they aren’t as good as they were with Steph Curry. With Steph they had games with a lot more points than the other team. The warriors have Kevin durant,Draymond green and Klay Thompson ,but they lack the leadership in order to have less close games. With Steph curry coming back from injury we will see more games without games with a larger point differential.

NBA season- Thunder 0-4 !

On October 26,2018 the Boston Celtics took on the Oklahoma city thunder to a close game of 101-95 with the Celtics taking the victory. Russell Westbrook , one of the league’s most athletic players finished the game with a near triple double with 13 points 8 assists and 15 rebounds for the Thunder. That however was not enough to stop the Celtics. The celtics now are 3-2 and the Thunder are 0-4 with yesterday’s loss. Around the end of the 1st quarter Terry rozier passed the ball to Jason tatum who then proceeded to the hoop where posterized Paul george. Jayson Tatum in his sophomore season this year has been showing the league what he can do and what he was capable of.He put up 24 points 2 assist and 6 rebounds scoring more points than his teammates.

NBA Preseason- Mavericks vs 76ers

On October 5th the Philadelphia 76ers went against the Dallas Mavericks to a close game of 120-144. This game is apart of the NBA preseason. The NBA preseason is the start to the upcoming basketball season which is going to start soon. Previously, during the off season the NBA teams had drafted upcoming picks/prospects from college teams to add to their roster in order to improve their team and hopefully become a successful franchise in the NBA. With their first game against an NBA team in the preseason the Mavericks debut their rookie players for another game which include Kostas Antetokounmpo and Luka Doncic. Luka doncic played well with his first game putting up 11 points. Dennis smith Jr. the starting point guards on the Mavericks put on a show with his dunks and by scoring 20 points.