Rockets vs Warriors

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The Warriors will take on the Rockets tonight at 9:00 EST. The warriors are currently winning the series 3-2 and are projected to win the series against the Rockets. Kevin Durant recently got injured during game 4 and will not play today with a right calf sprain. Kevin Durant was unstoppable against the Rockets and now the Warriors do not have him. With Game 6 being the deciding game between the teams Kevin Durant is important to the warriors because he had contributed to their wins throughout the first round of the play offs and the regular season. The warriors however , have won a championship per Kevin Durant so it won’t be surprising if they win ,but it still is a game to watch.

Celtics vs the Bucks

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On Wednesday May 8th the Milwaukee Bucks took on the Boston Celtics in the second round of the playoffs. The Bucks won against the Celtics 116-91 and are currently winning the series 4-1. The Bucks have been putting up great numbers and have been performing well during the postseason. Giannis put up 20 points 8 assists and 8 rebounds for the Bucks and others contributed to the team’s success. Giannis has been performing well and seems to be the MVP for the 2018-2019 season. The Celtics were projected to win the series without a problem because of their talent on the team those players include: Gordon Hayward, Kyrie Irving, and as well as Jayson Tatum. The series however ended completely different. The Celtics struggled to put up numbers especially with Kyrie Irving disappointing performance this season. Kyrie Irving put of 15 points for the Celtics this game but was unable to provide on the defensive end of the game. The Bucks are fun to watch and I can’t wait to see them progress to the eastern conference finals and have a chance at winning a championship.


Nets vs 76ers

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On Saturday April 20th the 76ers took on the Brooklyn Nets in the first round of the playoffs. The 76ers currently have a 3-1 lead against the Nets. The 76ers won Saturday’s game 112-108 and are predicted to win the series against the Nets. The Nets have a chance ,but as of so far their chances are slim. The Nets would have to win all of the next 3 games in order to progress to the next round. D’Angelo Russell put up 21 points against the sixers. The Nets although a great team do not seem to have the ability to win this series and progress in the later rounds if they do progres

Nets vs Heat

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On Wednesday April 10th, the Miami Heat took on the Nets losing the game 94-113. The Miami Heat have continued to improve season by season,but have struggled to be consistent. The Nets on the other hand have been performing so well lately they were able to clinch a playoff spot. D’Angelo Russell uput up 21 points for the nets and Shabazz Napier also on the Nets put up 20 points. This game was the last game for Dwayne Wade because he is retiring this season. Dwayne Wade in his last NBA game put up 25 points and 10 assists.  Dwyane Wade has done so much for league and the NBA it is sad to see a Former All-star/Future Hall of Famer to go. This game was also the Heat’s last regular season game.

Wizards vs Suns

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On Wednesday March 27th, the Washington Wizards took on the Phoenix Suns to a close game of 124-121. The Wizards won the game and since have been finding their rhythm. Bradley Beal and Jabari Parker  both put up 28 points each for the Wizards. The Suns recently added Jimmer Freddette to their roster and have still been struggling. Freddette was a former NBA player who had last played for the Shanghai Sharks the Chinese Basketball association . In the CBA, Jimmer had a great season averaging 36 points per game. With the Suns Jimmer has had a slow start and has not been putting up the same numbers. It is only a matter of time until we see Jimmer help contribute to the suns offense this season and the seasons to come.

Lakers vs Bulls

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On Tuesday, March 12th the Los Angeles Lakers took on the Chicago bulls. The Lakers this season have struggled with their chemistry , but managed to take the W with a score of 123-107. Lebron put up 36 points that night for the Lakers carrying the team. I really hoped to see the Lakers make the playoffs ,but the lack of chemistry and most importantly Lonzo ball’s injury held them back. This game however was quite significant for Andre Ingram of the Los Angeles Lakers. Andre Ingram had been a been in the NBA G-league all of his life and finally got the opportunity to play in the NBA by signing a 10-day contract . He checked in for 2 minutes and did not play much,but the fans sure were happy to see Ingram back in the League even if it was going to be 10 days with the Lakers.

Warriors vs Heat

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On Wednesday February 28th the Golden State Warriors took on the Miami Heat. The Heat ended up winning 126-125. Dwayne wade helped the Heat win the game with a buzzer beater at the end of the 4th quarter to seal the game.The Warriors although losing to the Heat still are seen to be possible finals contenders as usual. The Heat weren’t expected to win the game against the Warriors ,but ended they ended up winning against the 43-18 Warriors. Dwayne Wade dropped 25 points that night. Dwyane wade is currently planning on retiring this season and his performance that night left fans all over the NBA thrilled with the way her carried the team and won the game. The upcoming NBA seasons without D-Wade sure will be heartbreaking, but it is amazing to be able to him still perform in today’s league.

Nuggets vs Kings

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On Wednesday February 13th the Denver nuggets took on the Sacramento Kings. The Nuggets won the game, the score was close with the Nuggets scoring 120 and the Kings scoring 118. Wednesday’s game was Isaiah Thomas’s first game in the 2018-2019 season after suffering a hip injury during the remainder of last season. Isaiah Thomas sure surprised us dropping 8 points. Isaiah seems to be getting back to his old self and becoming that all-star type player he once was when he was with the Celtics. Buddy hield a had a stellar performance that night. Hield dropped 25 points for the Kings. The Kings although put up a good game do not seem to go far or even make the playoffs. The Nuggets are showing potential through these games and I am sure they will go far in the playoffs .

Raptors vs Pacers

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On Wednesday January 23rd the Toronto Raptors took on the Indiana Pacers. The game was well fought and the Pacers ended up winning the game. Thaddeus Young , a forward for the Pacers led the team in points putting up 23 points that night. The Raptors  also have been performing well lately. Serge Ibaka on the raptors also put up 23 points. The reason the raptors have been better than last year is because of last year’s trade for for Kahwi Leonard. It has helped the raptors significantly on the offensive and defensive sides on the court. The raptors are currently 2nd in the Eastern Conference. This game was fun to watch seeing the 3rd seed(Pacers) go against the 2nd seed in the eastern conference(Raptors). The game although fun was hard to watch with the loss of Victor Oladipo for the Pacers. In the late 2nd quarter Victor Oladipo ruptured his quad tendon. This was devastating and would mean Victor would be out for the rest of the season. And with this injury I believe the Pacers will not as good as they were with Victor Oladipo.

NBA All Star Votes

The NBA All star game is about a month away and people have already started to vote for their favorite players. This Year’s All star game is to be held at the Spectrum Center . The Spectrum Center is the Charlotte Hornets’ home Stadium. On these lists there are many players that are surprising to see. One player that seems to stand out to me is Derrick Rose. After coming off an injury a couple of years ago, Derrick has struggled to return to the player he once was. This season however, Rose has been going off with the Timber wolves and people love it which is why he is one of the most voted guards for the all star game. Dwayne Wade also seemed to surprise me as well. Dwayne wade is past his prime and has become a solid role player. And with his last year in the league it seems the fans wanted him to be in the All-Star game. There are many other players who we already know are possibly already going to be in the All- Star game like : Lebron James, Stephen Curry, Giannis Antetokounmpo , and all the other mainstream players. Luka doncic has over 670,000 votes for the all star game being a rookie which is expected considering his performance so far this season. Luka doncic has been impressing teams and fans with his famous step-back and his 19.8 points per game . The former Euro-league  player is projected to win rookie of the year this season out performing all the other Rookies in the 2018 NBA draft.