Lakers vs Bulls

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On Tuesday, March 12th the Los Angeles Lakers took on the Chicago bulls. The Lakers this season have struggled with their chemistry , but managed to take the W with a score of 123-107. Lebron put up 36 points that night for the Lakers carrying the team. I really hoped to see the Lakers make the playoffs ,but the lack of chemistry and most importantly Lonzo ball’s injury held them back. This game however was quite significant for Andre Ingram of the Los Angeles Lakers. Andre Ingram had been a been in the NBA G-league all of his life and finally got the opportunity to play in the NBA by signing a 10-day contract . He checked in for 2 minutes and did not play much,but the fans sure were happy to see Ingram back in the League even if it was going to be 10 days with the Lakers.

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  1. Nice post about the Lakers, I’m glad Kyle Kuzma’s back in the lineup and I hope Lonzo gets better. I also hope they fix their team chemistry too.

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