Raptors vs Pacers

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On Wednesday January 23rd the Toronto Raptors took on the Indiana Pacers. The game was well fought and the Pacers ended up winning the game. Thaddeus Young , a forward for the Pacers led the team in points putting up 23 points that night. The RaptorsĀ  also have been performing well lately. Serge Ibaka on the raptors also put up 23 points. The reason the raptors have been better than last year is because of last year’s trade for for Kahwi Leonard. It has helped the raptors significantly on the offensive and defensive sides on the court. The raptors are currently 2nd in the Eastern Conference. This game was fun to watch seeing the 3rd seed(Pacers) go against the 2nd seed in the eastern conference(Raptors). The game although fun was hard to watch with the loss of Victor Oladipo for the Pacers. In the late 2nd quarter Victor Oladipo ruptured his quad tendon. This was devastating and would mean Victor would be out for the rest of the season. And with this injury I believe the Pacers will not as good as they were with Victor Oladipo.

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