NBA Preseason- Mavericks vs 76ers

On October 5th the Philadelphia 76ers went against the Dallas Mavericks to a close game of 120-144. This game is apart of the NBA preseason. The NBA preseason is the start to the upcoming basketball season which is going to start soon. Previously, during the off season the NBA teams had drafted upcoming picks/prospects from college teams to add to their roster in order to improve their team and hopefully become a successful franchise in the NBA. With their first game against an NBA team in the preseason the Mavericks debut their rookie players for another game which include Kostas Antetokounmpo and Luka Doncic. Luka doncic played well with his first game putting up 11 points. Dennis smith Jr. the starting point guards on the Mavericks put on a show with his dunks and by scoring 20 points.

5 thoughts on “NBA Preseason- Mavericks vs 76ers

  1. I concur with what you’re saying. The Mavs are a great team. Chemistry is good and Dennis Smith Jr. has a future and is an amazing point guard. Although I kind of miss Seth Curry, yet, even so, I think the Mavs will do great this season.

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