Unclaimed Baggage by Jen Doll

36949992. sy475 Unclaimed Baggage is such a cute and fun read.  It centers around the Unclaimed Baggage store and three teenagers who work at the store.  The three are vasily different and a bit lost, like the luggage contents they sell in the store.

Doris, a town local, but a bit of an outcast due to more progressive than the views of others in her small town in Alabama.  She loves her job and finds a sense of belonging and purpose while at work.  Nell, is the new girl in town.  Her and her family recently moved from Chicago and she quickly finds a job at Unclaimed Baggage to fill her summer days.  Grant is a popular ex-star football player turned alcoholic, and through coaxing from his mother Doris offers him a job at the store.

The three quickly bond over luggage and working together.  They form a close friendship and together overcome several life challenges and obstacles.

I found this book to be funny and loved the characters.   The book does touch on some sensitive topics such as sexual abuse, racism, and alcoholism, but the author, Jen Doll, does a great job at keeping the book amusing and entertaining.  I highly recommend this book for light-hearted read about friendship and lost luggage.

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