Monday’s Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson

35068534Claudia and Monday are best friends.  Claudia has been away for the summer and expected Monday and her to stay in touch through letters.  Monday though has not responded to any of Claudia’s letters all summer.  Claudia returns back home to Washington, DC and immediately tries to get a hold of Monday but her phone has been disconnected.  Where is Monday?  She does not show up to school on the first day, the second day, etc.  Nobody seems to notice that Monday is missing except Claudia.  Claudia reaches out:

            • Her parents tell her maybe Monday has gone to her dad’s or that friendships change.
            • Monday’s mom tells her that she has gone to her dad’s.
            • Monday’s sister April tells her that she has gone to her aunt’s.
            • School office tells her that Monday is no longer registered.

Claudia is getting nowhere so she decides to launch a full on investigation to Monday’s disappearance.

Through the chapters, one can see how much Claudia is lost without her best friend.  Claudia also learns that she may not have known Monday as well as she thought.  And the big question is:  What happened to Monday?  You will need to read the book to find out.

I found this book to be a deep and dark story, and hard to put down because I wanted to find out what happened to Monday.  I did enjoy this book but did find it a bit challenging to follow the three different alternating time lines.  And the ending?????

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