100 Days by Nicole McInnes

23502050100 Days is the story of three teenagers, Boone, Moira, and Agnes.  Agnes does not know it but she has 100 days left to live, as she has progeria, a disease which causes her to age extremely fast.  Moira is Agnes’ best friend and bodyguard.  She is overweight, self conscious about it so she dresses in Goth to seem like she does not care.  Boone is a outcast country boy, who struggles extremely in school.

The three were friends in elementary school until and event tore them apart.  One day an event in their high school cafeteria sets into motion a rekindling of their friendship.  This book is about finding oneself, friendship, love, and living in the moment.  It is told in alternating voices of each character counting down the 100 days.

Grab your tissues as you will need them.  You will fall in love with the characters in this book and realize that life should be lived.

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