Watch Me by Norah McClintock

6361379I read Watch Me through TumbleBook Cloud which can be accessed through LCPSGO Library Resources.

Kaz only has one friend, Drew.  Everyone else makes fun of him because he has scars on his face and he is dumb.  His scars are from saving his dad from a house fire and he is not dumb, he has dyslexia which makes learning harder for him.  Kaz also does not get along with his mom’s boyfriend, as he is always on Kaz about his school work and getting back to playing hockey.  Kaz just wants to move out and go live with his father.  These are not the only problems Kaz has.  One day he and Drew are playing frisbee in a park when the frisbee hits an old woman in the head and she falls down. Kaz was initially going to help her but instead he takes her purse and runs off.  Drew follows him.  The purse only contains $5, some ids, and an old rusty watch.  The purse ends up in a dumpster and the watch at a pawn shop but eventually both items make it back to the old lady.  The question is how?  You must read the book to find out.


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