The Very Bad Dream by Anne Schraff

18174517I read The Very Bad Dream through TumbleBook Cloud which can be accessed in LCPSGO Library Resources.

The Very Bad Dream by Anne Schraff is a very fast and suspenseful read.

Valerie Monroe, the main character, had a very bad dream about her boyfriend Clay. In the dream, Clay was carry a burlap sack  with a body inside.  He also had a large pick to bury the body.  Valerie watched him bury it.   In the morning, she tells her roomate Amy about the dream and asks her what she thinks about it. Amy tells her that, “I read once that dreams are usually based on stuff that already happened. But I’ve also heard that dreams sometimes tell us about the future.”  The question is, is it truly a dream, did it really happen or is it going to happen in the future?  You will need to read the book to find out.



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