I Remember You by Cathleen Davitt Bell


I Remember You is an eBook that you can read through MackinVia.com.  I liked this book but there were parts of it that moved very slowly but even through the slow parts I could not put the book down as I needed to know how it would end.

The book is told from Juliet’s perspective as a journal she is writing of her memories of her high school boyfriend Lucas.  Juliet is normal high school teenager that likes to hang out with her friends, studies hard, and is headed to college.  Lucas is a hockey player and wants to join the marines after high school.  The two lock eyes when Lucas drops a pen in class and Juliet picks it up for him.  He finds her later and takes her up on the rooftop of the school and kisses her.  Juliet is shocked but then he tells her he has been seeing “memories” of them which turn out to be futuristic memories.  The question is do these futuristic memories come true or can Juliet stop them from happening.  You need to read this eBook to find out.  It is a good romance story with a sci-fi time traveller twist.

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