Audacity by Melanie Crowder


“what kind of girl I am

not at home in this shtel

not at home in this family

not at home in this life”   Clara Lemlich

Audacity is a powerful and riveting read.   It is a historical fiction novel told in verse about the life of feminine activist Clara Lemlich.  The book covers Clara’s life as persecuted Jew living in Russia who escapes with her family to the UK then to the US.  Clara is not your normal Orthodox Jewish girl, she longs to learn to read, to learn another language, and for an education.  She also is strong-willed and fights for what she believes is right.  She starts a union and becomes an influential voice in fighting for equal rights and better working conditions in the NYC sweatshops.  Clara’s determination and perseverance is a lesson to us all – it only takes one to make a change!!!  I highly recommend this book.



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