Warcross by Marie Lu


I have to say I was not thrilled to read a book centered around gaming but Warcross exceeded my expectations.  This book was fabulous!  It is an action pack story about a teenage hacker, Emika Chen, an orphan who works as a bounty hunter taking down people who illegally bet on the game Warcross.  She is broke and being evicted from her apartment.  Her world all changes when she gets a call from the creator of Warcross, Hideo Tanaka.  He flies her to Japan and hires her to be a spy in this year’s Warcross tournament.  Emika uncovers a dark plot that could destroy the Warcross empire that Tanaka has created.

This book has it all.  A thriller-mystery plot line, a little bit of romance, and dynamic characters.  I have already started reading the sequel to see how this story ends.

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