The Radius of Us by Marie Marquardt

25883033This book is told in alternating voice between Gretchen and Phoenix.  Gretchen is a high school senior whose life changed when she was attacked after leaving work one evening.  She suffers from PTSD and has panic attacks leaving her unable to do most normal teenage things.

Phoenix is boy from El Salvador, seeking asylum in the United States and life away from gangs.  He escaped El Salvador dragging his brother Ari with him.  Ari is being held in a detention facility in Texas while Phoenix was taken in by Sally and Amanda in Atlanta, Georgia.

Both of their lives change after meeting each other.  Gretchen is drawn to Phoenix even though he looks like her attacker and Phoenix ot her for her beauty and intrigue.  Both are broken but through their relationship they both heal.  This book is story of survival, love, and family, and more.  I highly recommend it.

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