Out of Darkness by Ashley Hope Perez



This book will draw you in but beware it is a difficult and heart wrenching read. The story is told in alternating voice between Naomi, Beto, Cari, Henry, Wash, and the Gang. The book is based on true events that happened at the New London School in 1937, where over 300 students were killed in a gas explosion. In this book, Perez also covers difficult topics such as rape, incest, miscarriages, brutal racism, lynching, and murder.

It is the story of Naomi, an American-Mexican girl, and her two white twin step-siblings, Cari and Beto. They have to move to New London, Texas to live with Naomi’s step-father and the twins real dad. Naomi detests her step-father for just reasons. However, she works hard to make sure Cari and Beto are settled and taken care of. The three befriend Wash, a senior at the local black school. Naomi and Wash develop a relationship and come up with a plan to escape their town and all the issues there.

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