The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks

This book follows the love story of two couples. Their lives eventually cross in a bit of an over the top way.

Couple one is Ira Levinson and his wife Ruth.  Ira ends up stranded in an embankment after a car accident.  There his dead wife Ruth comes to him and urges him to hang on by remembering their wonderful life together, a life that was filled with travels and art work.

Couple two is Sophia Danko and Luke who meet and fall in love even though life and death, and life’s secrets try to get in the way.

The book is told in alternating voice and at times was extremely slow especially through Ira’s memories.  I kept with it and was very surprised by how the two couples’ lives eventually come together.  It was a good read but I have enjoyed many of Nicholas Sparks’ other books better.

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