America Street by Ibi Zoboi

This book was an emotional and realistic read.  As a reader, I could emphasize with Fabiola who immigrated from Haiti with her mother to Detroit and all she faced once there trying to fit in with her new extended family, her new school, her new community, and her new life. Fabiola’s mother ends up not making it to Detroit with Fabiola.  She gets detained in New Jersey, and in order for Fabiola to get her mother back she must help detectives take down Detroit’s drug lords. There were multiple layers to this book – immigration, drugs, romance, Haitian culture which help tell Fabiola’s story. At times, the book was difficult to read due to the inappropriate language and actions of the characters, however one cannot help rooting for Fabiola as she struggles with what to do in order to get her mother back.  Can she turn her back on those she loves?


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