I watched this movie the other day and it looked really good but I was a little skeptical because I thought it would be a lot of talking and kind of like a documentary and I don’t like documentaries, but it was really good and funny. I was about a chef who quits his head chef position at a restaurant. When he is trying to find out what his next step is going to be he finds himself in Miami. He joins forces with his ex-wife, best friend, and son to make a food truck. This movie is funny but kind of has an inspiring message to it. This movie also made me happy because he found a love for life again and started up his passion for cooking again. I recommend this movie to watch with your parents or friends because its kind of mature but has a really good story.

The Miracle Season

I was so excited to watch this movie because I have heard really good reviews about it. So over the weekend my whole family watched this movie. IT is based on a true story about a volleyball team who loses their best player due to an accident. The rest of the team mates have to band together to try and win the state championship. It was such a well done movie that will make you cry because it is sad but their are some truly inspiring moments as well that will also make you cry. Also this movie explained the real story and showed all the real people at the end of the movie and I thought that was really interesting to learn about what had happened and what everyone did to help support their volleyball team and Caroline, the girl who was in the accident. This movie explains the importance of not giving up or losing hope because you have fallen down. I recommend this movie but be prepared to cry. I give this movie a 10/10 because I would watch it over and over again.