Mission Impossible 2

One of my favorite types of movies are action movies so this movie really caught my eye. Having seen all the other Mission impossible movies, I knew I would like this one as much as the others. I love the movies because they always have a good plot and tell a good story. They all have really good acting even in the older movies! Also they are just the right amount of action and romance together. The 2nd Mission Impossible movie is a little bit older so the movie quality isn’t as great but it is still a great watch. Tom cruise, who does all of his own stunts, is a great actor and the villeins do a great job looking very evil. I recommend this movie if you love action like me or even romance. 

Bedtime Stories

Recently they just put new movies and shows on Netflix, so I decided to watch Bedtime Stories. I have seen it before but a long time ago, so I forgot about it. It interested me because it has the actor, Adam Sandler, in it and he is always really funny and portrays the characters he is given very well. Bedtime Stories is a movie about a hotel handyman who gets an unexpected surprise when he discovers that the stories he has been telling to his niece and nephew are coming true. It is a really good movie and I recommend watching it with your family or friends even for a good, funny, romantic, heart warming movie. 

Hidden Figures

I watched this movie a long time ago but recently I watched it again. I forgot how inspiring and good it was. It is about three African American women who work at NASA and are the brains of the whole operation. The launch of John Glenn, an amazing achievement flipped history and peoples views. Starring Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monae, Taraji P. Henson as the three women who didn’t stop fighting for rights and a important place in the company. I recommend to watch this movie with your family because your parents will appreciate it and everyone will love the true story.