Frightening Flick

If you love a good scare then you will love these movies that I am going to tell you about! So there was a new movie that just came out called Truth or Dare with Lucy Hale in it. Well in 2017 a movie called truth or dare came out and its on Netflix. It has Cassie Scerbo who was in Teen Spirit which is on Netflix and actor Ricardo Hoyos who was in Degrassi which was also on Netflix. The movie had the same idea on The 2018 Truth or Dare but it wasn’t the same. Me and my friends decided to watch it thinking it was the new movie but we continued to watch it because we still wanted to watch a movie. It wasn’t that scary in the beginning but in the middle and end it was so scary! After the movie me and my friends couldn’t even go to sleep. I highly recommend this movie if you want to be scared for days. If your looking for a scary movie for Halloween watch this!

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