Switching it up

Usually I write about movies I’ve recently watched but, I surprisingly haven’t watched any movies in the past week. I’m going to be writing about a TV series I just recently finished, The Ted Bundy Tapes and honestly it was probably the most interesting thing I have ever watched. I really enjoy watching crime documentaries, they can be a little creepy sometimes and I can’t watch them at night but for the most part I end up learning from them. For example from The Ted Bundy Tapes I have learned to not go places with random strangers and not walk outside at night alone. Overall this Netflix series was very good I give it a 5 out of 5 stars and I really hope Netflix comes out with another series like this.

Movie #13 High School Musical

The movie High School Musical brings back a lot of memories, from singing along to the songs with my friends to wanting a relationship like Troy and Gabriela´s. All the High School Musical movies are so good but I honestly think the second one was the best. It had such a creative plot and I think it was such a good idea to show what the kids at East High did over the summer. The best part of the movie was when all the kids in the kitchen were working together and singing. I overall give all the High School Musical  movies a 5 out of 5 stars because they all had such good plots and actors.

Movie #11 Hot Summer Nights

I recently watched a movie called Hot Summer Nights on amazon, I honestly didn’t think it was the best movie I have watched. Its about a kid who gets sent off to live with family over the summer in Cape Cod, he makes a new friend whos a drug dealer and he starts dealing too. They end up becoming rich and then get in trouble. I guess thats what happens when you deal a lot of drugs though. Anyway, I give this movie a 3 out of 5 stars because some parts were interesting and other parts were boring and didn’t really make any sense.