MVP, MVP! Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is one of the most famous basketball players and has a brand named after him. He has a deal with Gatorade as well as Nike, Hanes and Upper Deck. He also has restaurants and has won six NBA championships. He even developed his own cologne!  His estimated net worth is 1.65 Billion dollars but could be more as he gets royalty checks  from his companies and that doesn’t factor into his net worth. He is the most decorated player in NBA history as he has five regular season MVP’s and three All Star Season MVP’s.

Michael Jordan in 1996

His Company

Air Jordan’s are a branch of the Nike company that makes shoes, shirts, shorts, sweatpants and other fitness clothing. Air Jordan’s are primarily shoes but have shirts available as well. The first Air Jordan’s were manufactured and produced in 1984. Air Jordan’s or ‘’J’s” as the name they are more referred to as, are expensive shoes as they are more than likely over one hundred dollars for one pair of shoes. The newer Jordan’s are valued at anywhere between three hundred and five hundred dollars. I had bought a pair of Air Jordan’s for around seventy dollars. However, they were the Retro Jordan’s and not the newest ones.

His Teams

Michael Jordan played for two teams, The Washington Wizards and the Chicago Bulls. He

As you can see, Michael Jordan has the most trophies.

is more known for playing on the Bulls because that’s where he got his championships and MVP’s. He left his team in 1994 after his father, James R. Jordan Sr.,  was murdered. Then, in 1995 he followed his original passion of baseball, joining the Birmingham Barons. The Barons were a Double-A minor league relative of the Chicago White Sox. He has been recognized as the greatest basketball player in history, but is being taken over by LeBron James.

His Early Life

Michael Jeffery Jordan was born on February 17th, 1963 in Brooklyn, New York. His father was James R. Jordan and his mother was Deloris Jordan. Michael was one of their five children, two brothers and two sisters. His sisters are: Roslyn and Deloris Jordan Jr. His brothers are: Larry and James Jordan Jr.  He moved to Wilmington, North Carolina, when he was very young. Michael left North Carolina after his junior year in high school. He was on an Olympic Gold Medal winning team.




Michael Jordan is still alive today, being only 55 years old. He was recognized as one of the greatest basketball player in history, if not the best. He retired from the NBA in 1994 for a short while only, and then he retired again in 1998 after his last planned game of the season. He was married twice and has five children. Michael Jordan is probably the most known athlete in the entire world, considering how many people love basketball.

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MVP- Most Valuable Player on that team.

1.65 Million Dollars- 1,650,000 Dollars

Net Worth- The total of your profit and non-profitable money that you have or recieve

The Others

I am currently reading a book called The 5th Wave, it is written by Rick Yancey and is full of interesting dialogue and code words.


The main codeword that they use is “the others,’’ which is code for the aliens that have invaded. They call the people they think are aliens, “infesteds,”  which makes perfect sense considering that normal people don’t light up like a green fireball when you look at them through an eyepiece. The infesteds are the aliens that use technology to make themselves look human. The aliens who don’t use technology are called ‘’silencers,” which also makes sense because they don’t show their face and kill you from a distance with a long range silenced gun with fingerprint recognition.


The last codeword they use isn’t used by the humans, it is used by the others. It is what they call their mothership, the one that is hovering above the Earth. It looks like a green ball of fire at the bottom of their mothership. To them, it is “the eye,” the people in the eye tells the aliens on Earth what to do and how to extinguish Earth’s people. They don’t call us humans, they call us, “creatures of flesh and bone,’’ which we are, we are all made of skin and bones. Well, and muscle, and blood, and organs, and cartilage but mainly skin and bone. They only use 2 code words and the rest they just say without fear. Us on the other hand, we don’t want to spook people and so we use code for things.


Those are all the codewords used in the book, The 5th Wave. I hope you learned something about the book from this. Now, if there ever is an alien invasion, (which I hope there is), you know what to call them. This book is about aliens coming from deep space and trying to get rid of life on Earth.


Into the lake you Go!

I had this dream right after I got a game called: Friday The 13th: The Game. This was a sort of pleasant-unpleasant dream. The game is like Dead By Daylight, but better. You can play as Jason Voorhees or a counselor. The counselors you can choose from are:;  Tiffany, Deborah, Kenny, Chad, Buggzy, Eric, Adam, A.J., Fox, Jenny, Mitch, Shelly, Vanessa, and if you call him, Tommy Jarvis. You can currently play as Jason parts 2-9, and Uber Jason from Jason X is coming soon. Enough about the game and lets get to my dream.

I dreamed that I was a counselor and I was running from Jason. I had just used my pocket knife to escape his grasp. My friends were in the game with me, Jason (not the killer), Ashley, Eddie, Lane, and John. We were running and then Jason grabbed me and Eddie hit Jason with a baseball bat. We ran to the rest of my friends and we hid in the big house in the middle. I died under a bed and came back as Tommy Jarvis. Ashley went to Jason’s shack and grabbed his mother’s sweater and came back to us.

All of us worked together to knock off Jason’s mask and Ashley stunned Jason by pretending to be his mother. I then swung the machete I had as hard as I could at Jason’s face and killed him. We all then jumped into cars and high-tailed it out of the camp.

My Boy Anakin Skywalker!

I invented a superhero named Skywalker. Skywalker is me in the superhero novels I made. Some people saw my novels and decided to make a movie based on my books. I got to choose the actor who plays me! I had to choose a character from a book, that was the catch. I clambered for Anakin, but they told me that I had to choose from a book, I still said Anakin because Star Wars was a book before movie and I really wanted a Star Wars character. Finally, they let me choose Anakin Skywalker, but why did I do it though?

I chose him because he has the same last name as my character. He also has kind of the same personality as me, happy, mad, good, evil. All the same in our twisted minds. Goes good, than evil, then good again. He also has good skills with all kinds of stuff like lightsabers because in the novels I’m in another universe with the Jedi and Sith so I know how to use lightsabers.

Those are the reasons I chose Anakin, he is also my favorite Star Wars character so I chose him because of that too. I love Star Wars in general so I had to choose someone from Star Wars when I had the opportunity.

“But Dad I Don’t Wanna Go To Work!”

I put on the VR goggles and calibrated my controllers. I was in. Then I screamed, “OH JESUS!” My earbuds were too loud. I heard Job Bot shout, “Hello Human, grab a job cartridge from the tray and let’s get started!” I turned down my volume and I chose a cartridge. I chose the gourmet chef cartridge and got to work.

The first thing I had to make was bacon and eggs. I had to work through the day. I had to made a smoothie, sandwich, soup, and steak. I also made the three specials of the day for some special people. Then I got put on a cooking show with a Gordon Ramsay impersonator.

Shortly after that was done my shift was over and I returned to the main lobby. Job Bot then mumbled, “ Hello Human, grab a job cartridge from the tray and let’s get started.” My headphones were too quiet, so I turned them up. Then I chose the office worker cartridge, and got to work.


I took a look out of my bedroom window…

I decided that while cleaning my bedroom windows, that I was going to take a look and see what was there on the other side. I first took a look outside of my back window, this is what I saw.

I was looking directly at a fireplace with a table and some chairs next to it. That is where we would sit and roast marshmallows, make s’mores and overall just talk. Next to the fireplace was a bin of garden equipment, which consisted of; garden shears, a hose, a fire poker and a tree trimming tool. Why a tree trimming tool you may ask? Well, because we have a tree in the backyard as well, it is starting to blossom with beautiful white flowers. Also, I don’t have a very big backyard considering I live in a corner house in a big neighborhood.

Then, I decided to take a look out of the other window in my room, which was on the other wall behind my ladder. When I looked out, I saw a garden which had weeds and thorns sticking out of the ends, my apple tree, just starting to show signs of flowers growing, the air-conditioning unit against the back wall, and grass surrounding it all. I planted the apple tree about five or six years ago, when my grandparents came down to visit for the first time to see my new house. It always provided me with fresh apples, if the caterpillars hadn’t already gotten to them. We were planning on starting a big garden with fresh fruits and vegetables, but first we have to cut those big thorns in our way, I can see them through the blinds over my windows.

I only have two windows in my room, one on the side and one in the back. Oh, that reminds me, I better get back to cleaning them.



Quarter 3 is Finally Over!!!! + Reading Goal 2

This quarter has been the longest. It has been a very tedious process keeping up with the reading goals.                    Not this one, however, as I finished my second reading goal very quickly. Within a week to be precise. It was very easy, considering I only had to read for double the time, that is why is was called Double Duty.

Instead of one-hundred twenty-five minutes, it was two-hundred fifty minutes, which was an easy task for me to accomplish. That is considering I love to read. I read a book called The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey, it is a very good book with an interesting and complex plot that you wouldn’t get unless you read it for yourself. I had to record at least fifty minutes for each day of the week, meaning I had to read almost five hours that week. Crazy, right? Not for me it wasn’t.

Anyway that’s what I had to do for my reading goal two for this quarter. There is only one goal for quarter four, I won’t tell you who it is, but it has to do with people. That’s all I will share for quarter four’s goal and I will be talking about that when it starts.




BUMP! That’s all Jesse heard down the hall. BUMP! Getting louder and louder the longer it went on. BUMP! Jesse thought he had to do something, he thought he would grab something to use as a weapon and fight back against the thing in the hall. But then Jesse said to himself, “I don’t hear it anymore.” But just then something grabbed him from the dark and he woke up from his dream.

Jesse went back to sleep and had the same dream. He woke up once more and he saw his alarm clock read 12:08, that’s what his alarm said the first time he woke up. He thought his clock was just broken and he would have to get a new one. But just then, he heard it a huge crash down the hall. He thought it was his roommate doing something so he decided to go check out what it was.

Upon entering his roommate’s room he smelled a foul odor, Jesse thought it was just the way his roommate smelled, but he also saw a small creature jump onto his roommate’s bed. He ran over to see what it was, and he screamed. His roommate’s dead body was lying on the bed covered in rats. “That’s what the smell was!” Jesse exclaimed. Jesse looked at his roommate’s alarm clock, and it read 12:08. “There’s no way that…” But Jesse was interrupted by his roommate coming in his room to wake him up from his dream.

Jesse’s roommate had said that Jesse was screaming in his sleep. Jesse’s roommate’s name was Mark. Mark looked at Jesse’s clock, it read 12:08, Jesse exclaimed, “ we need to leave, now!” Mark said “why,’’ Jesse responded with, “there’s something wrong with this house.”

Mark said “you’re crazy,” but ultimately agreed to leave the house. Once they were outside and getting in Jesse’s car, Mark stabbed Jesse and he woke up once again.

It made no sense, why would Mark kill his best friend? Jesse had to think hard, but in the end he just came up with stopping Mark from killing him. Jesse didn’t know if he was dreaming or not the whole time, he thought that maybe it was like Groundhog Day and he kept waking up until he stopped Mark from killing him. So he decided to keep an eye on Mark, just in case he wasn’t dreaming and Mark was really going to kill him. During the day, Mark stayed in his room, and at night Mark was going out clubbing with his other friends while Jesse was “sleeping.” So Jesse decided to follow Mark to the club and see if Mark would talk to his friends about it. Sure enough Mark did and Jesse was there to see it, but Mark saw Jesse and decided he would kill him now. Jesse did stop Mark by knocking him out with a beer bottle and taking Mark to the police station. Jesse showed the cops the video of Mark telling his friends at the bar about it, and Mark was arrested.

To Be Continued…

Basement Funtime!!!!!!

I love my basement, it’s where I spent most of my time when I wasn’t upstairs with my mom. It’s where I used to play games with my friends on Xbox. It’s where my grandma would sleep. I had a big Samsung T.V., my Xbox, Blu Ray player, Ps4, and so much more. Now it’s where my rock wall is, and the handles for it. We put plywood on the wall and screwed rocks and handles into it. The handles are on the ceiling though, so we had to get my dad to screw plywood into the ceiling and screw handles into that. We are also adding a rope that goes across the ceiling that you can shimmy across.

Now it’s where my room is, I have my Xbox, smaller T.V., bookshelf, bed, mirror, closet, toys, all sorts of things. Outside in the main basement has a VR system set up on my Ps4 so we can play VR whenever we want to. We have a big glass sliding door to go outside, a personal little gym that’s being used as an area to keep tools for building the rock wall. One of the reasons we changed my house so much is because my mom isn’t around to stop us anymore.

Quarter 3 Goal One: Mission Complete!!!!

Mission Accomplished. If you are reading this, that means you have finished goal one. I have as well. What goal did you choose? I chose investigation of lexile levels. That meant I had to take three new books and read them. I had to choose one above my lexile level, blow it, and in the range of it.

The first book I chose, The Alchemist: By Paulo Coelho. This is a book about a boy who wanted to travel to Egypt to discover the treasure that he saw in his dreams.

The second book I chose, Hatchet: By Gary Paulson. This is the story of a boy who was flying to see his dad, but his plane crashes and he is stuck in the woods. He has almost nothing but still he is determined to survive.

The last book I chose, Cats of the Clans: By Erin Hunter. This book tells the tales of simply, the cats in the warrior clans. It tells their backstory, foreshadowing events, and events that are happening with them in the other books.

I hope that this blog has found you well. If it has, great! If not, not so great. My next blog about this topic will come at the end of the quarter when I will be talking about my second goal. I won’t tell you, but it has something to do with 250 minutes of reading.