Young Mother Hubbard


Young Mother Hubbard, went to the cupboard

To get her rich dog a bone.

”What size bone do you want my precious dog, small, medium, or large?” asked Young Mother Hubbard. “EXTRA LARGE!” howled the rich, spoiled dog.


But when she got there, the cupboard was bare.

“GASP!” the dog gasped. “I’m just going to get a grilled cheese sandwich.”

And so the rich dog got a grilled cheese sandwich instead.

Next, the Young mother hubbard went back to the cupboard,

Only to find that the dog was eating her bread that she had gotten yesterday.

“Mwahahahaha! This is MY bread now!” cackled the rich dog.


So, she shooed the dog out, along with his pipe,

To find an apple,

Nice and ripe.

She then ate the apple,

But, the dog came back,

Wanting an apple.

“I WANT AN APPLE!” said the dog bellowing at Young Mother Hubbard.

So she gave the dog his apple and went down the stairs to watch tv.

“This tv show is going to keep me occupied for a while. Or at least until that spoiled, rich dog annoys me some more.” exclaimed Young Mother Hubbard.


When she came back the dog was gone and he had turned into a wand.

“Where did my precious dog go?! I need to search for this dog!”

Then she saw a wand on the floor and it was sparkling so that attracted her attention and then

she picked up the wand and said,

“This should take me to my precious, rich, and spoiled dog and it SHOULDN’T make me disa-” *POOF*


Then, she realized she had been sent into a different universe and then she saw her dog but her dog wasn’t dead, it was alive but without any flesh. She then looked down at herself and realized that she had no flesh too, but wasn’t dead. In fact, she was a spirit and she would stay that way forever. So soon after they both got used to the idea of being “ dead “, they haunted people and places because that’s usually what spirits do. After that, they were walking on a short walk and once they got home, they saw a bone, something that the dog wanted the whole entire time, and it was EXTRA LARGE! After the dog got its bone it no longer asked the owner for anything else.