Poor Little Hawk


Dear Little Hawk,

     I know that life is a sad story sometimes but I guess we all have to deal with it one time, or  another. I guess that you just have to deal with it a little more than some people have to. I can feel a death in the family, but I guess you can’t because you are already dead!. Sorry, bad joke. Also, I am wondering where you went up there in the sky. It’s a very big place, so you need to tell me the exact spot, maybe coordinates. Also, you need to loosen up a bit. I know that the personality might be apart of your culture and everything, but you can be a little less serious. Oh ya, do you get to fly around in the sky?, or do you get to talk to people that are already dead? That would be so cool. I am now really hoping that the mail service gets this to you ok, but if not then I guess you won’t be seeing this. Anyway, though, do you get to see all of your relatives? Could you please say hi to my great grandma for me, or is that too much to ask? I also tried being more pure like your religion, and paying attention to the plants and animals of the world more too. I want to know if the kid you tried to save in the woods is up there to now. If he is, please say hi to him too.  If it is not too bad to ask, what is it like to have to leave all of your friends and family behind and have to go to heaven? Sorry If that is too weird to ask. Well, I guess I will be going now. Bye!


Cara Lane