Is Bigger Always Better?


I think that reading longer books verse shorter books is good because it has you make a commitment on doing that whole book and not just reading a shorter book that is at least 150 pages. Even though that reading a short book is easier than reading a longer book, you don’t get much of a connection to the shorter book as much as you would as if you read the whole long book. I think that having more of a connection to a book is essential to having a good summary and have good remembrance of the book too. Another reason about reading longer books is better than reading a shorter book is because it can have way more information on the exposition than a shorter book would have because if the shorter book was not apart of a series than it would just have to get straight into the storyline to have enough room to leave a cliffhanger and all of that. That is why I think that reading a longer book is better than reading a shorter book.

Even though there are good reasons to reading  a longre book there is also a few good reasons to reading a shorter book. One, is that you don’t have to worry about not making the due date because if you are on a reading schedule and you read at a normal speed than you should be meeting the due date with not having to read any extra. That is what happened to me when I was reading the The Series of Unfortunate Events I didn’t even have to read any extra than my normal reading schedule. That is one good thing about reading shorter books.