Surviving Is Key!

  1. Don’t Trust Everything Mr. O’Brien Says

So he might appear as the nice math teacher from room C11, beware that on the first couple of days of school, not everything he says might be the truth. I am not going to tell you what might not be the truth, but keep a close eye on things. Remember he is not  as truthful as he appears( on the first couple of days, you can trust him after that).

  1. Don’t Carry Too Much Stuff

I know, I know you might want to take everything everywhere for your first 3 full blocks of the day, but that is a little too overwhelming. You are going to lose a lot of your stuff and most likely leaving your water bottle everywhere. Plus, it’s way too heavy to carry.

  1. Don’t Be Sad If You Are Without Your Best Friend

Middle school might be a little intimidating at first, but trust me there is nothing to worry about. You’ll make plenty of friends in no time! Also, there are many people in your own position. Just don’t be afraid to say hi!

  1. Go To The Bathroom During Lunch

Your chances of going to the bathroom in class are very slim, so don’t even think about going in class. Another option is going to the bathroom when you are done getting stuff from your locker, which I dont think is the best option for you because you are going to be new here and you will need all the time you can get.

  1. Always Have a Pencil

You might think that now that you are in middle school kit would be ok to use a pen. Nope. Most classes would actually require you to have a pencil, or else there would be consequences. Math especially, and English, and Science. Even though what I say might not be true, but I should say that most teachers will allow you to have a pen.

  1. Charge Your Chromebook

I don’t really know if they will give you chromebooks, but if they do, this will apply to you. You really want to charge your chromebook. Like, REALLY. If you don’t, there is going to be SERIOUS consequences.

  1. Get a Map Of The School

This has to be one of the most important things on the list. If you don’t have a map of the school, you don’t know where you are going! You will seriously be late to almost every class. I have never been late to a class, i’ve always had a map.

  1. Be Organized From the Start

Let’s just say this, if you are not organized, you will FAIL. Ok, so, you are organized for one class, resource. Use resource wisely. Use it for going to your locker because on the first and second time you like don’t have any homework.

  1. Have Your Schedule

I am being SUPER serious when I say to have your schedule. If you don’t have your schedule you cant even use the map. Also, you cant even show the teachers where you have to go.

     1. Practice/Memorize Your Locker Combo

If you don’t know your combo you are not going to get anywhere because you cant even get your stuff for class! Just to say it, you will need to memorize another one anyways so memorize the first one first. So, make sure at least by your second day you memorized your first combo.