Stuck In My Head!

To start off, this author, Lemony Snicket, has really outdone himself by coming out with this book, The Bad Beginning. When I started reading, I simply loved how they introduced the story. I like how you can feel like the narrator is talking to you and telling you a little bit about how this story is going to be, but I shall say that the pictures in this book do get me a little mad because it gets something stuck in my head about what something looks like or what something else is supposed to look like. Towards the middle, I likes how the narrator came back again and started refreshing my memory.


Second Review—

There is this book called A Bad Beginning, by Lemony Snicket. The adventure between the children because of their parents death is simply amazing. How they work together to overcome fears in the house of terror or how they get out of doing the most horrible things, but this is a tale of unfortunate events. So, something has to go wrong. There is a man by the name of Count Olaf that has became their parents because there only parents have died. Will they survive? Or will they be cursed and brake by the words of “I Do”? Has me dying to read the next one in the series. This book really had me wondering what will happen. Let me just tell you this, it’s not what you expect. As I said, this book will take you on an awesome adventure which will keep you on your toes. If you decide to read it, Hope you enjoy!

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