Stuck In My Head!

To start off, this author, Lemony Snicket, has really outdone himself by coming out with this book, The Bad Beginning. When I started reading, I simply loved how they introduced the story. I like how you can feel like the narrator is talking to you and telling you a little bit about how this story is going to be, but I shall say that the pictures in this book do get me a little mad because it gets something stuck in my head about what something looks like or what something else is supposed to look like. Towards the middle, I likes how the narrator came back again and started refreshing my memory.


Second Review—

There is this book called A Bad Beginning, by Lemony Snicket. The adventure between the children because of their parents death is simply amazing. How they work together to overcome fears in the house of terror or how they get out of doing the most horrible things, but this is a tale of unfortunate events. So, something has to go wrong. There is a man by the name of Count Olaf that has became their parents because there only parents have died. Will they survive? Or will they be cursed and brake by the words of “I Do”? Has me dying to read the next one in the series. This book really had me wondering what will happen. Let me just tell you this, it’s not what you expect. As I said, this book will take you on an awesome adventure which will keep you on your toes. If you decide to read it, Hope you enjoy!

Poor Little Hawk


Dear Little Hawk,

     I know that life is a sad story sometimes but I guess we all have to deal with it one time, or  another. I guess that you just have to deal with it a little more than some people have to. I can feel a death in the family, but I guess you can’t because you are already dead!. Sorry, bad joke. Also, I am wondering where you went up there in the sky. It’s a very big place, so you need to tell me the exact spot, maybe coordinates. Also, you need to loosen up a bit. I know that the personality might be apart of your culture and everything, but you can be a little less serious. Oh ya, do you get to fly around in the sky?, or do you get to talk to people that are already dead? That would be so cool. I am now really hoping that the mail service gets this to you ok, but if not then I guess you won’t be seeing this. Anyway, though, do you get to see all of your relatives? Could you please say hi to my great grandma for me, or is that too much to ask? I also tried being more pure like your religion, and paying attention to the plants and animals of the world more too. I want to know if the kid you tried to save in the woods is up there to now. If he is, please say hi to him too.  If it is not too bad to ask, what is it like to have to leave all of your friends and family behind and have to go to heaven? Sorry If that is too weird to ask. Well, I guess I will be going now. Bye!


Cara Lane

A Friend to Remember


One very important person to me is my friend John. He was my friend since the beginning of last year. When we were friends last year we were friends with three other people- Elie, Malissa, and Sandra. At the end of the year, I had to go to a different school than them because they all went to Lunsford and I went to Mercer. After that happened, Elie was getting all popular and she was starting to leave us behind and hang out with the popular people instead. I tried to tell her what she was doing but she said I was lying. Luckily, John was there to make me feel better and try to tell Ellie to be nicer to us(Even though it did not work). So my point is, John is a good friend.

Is Bigger Always Better?


I think that reading longer books verse shorter books is good because it has you make a commitment on doing that whole book and not just reading a shorter book that is at least 150 pages. Even though that reading a short book is easier than reading a longer book, you don’t get much of a connection to the shorter book as much as you would as if you read the whole long book. I think that having more of a connection to a book is essential to having a good summary and have good remembrance of the book too. Another reason about reading longer books is better than reading a shorter book is because it can have way more information on the exposition than a shorter book would have because if the shorter book was not apart of a series than it would just have to get straight into the storyline to have enough room to leave a cliffhanger and all of that. That is why I think that reading a longer book is better than reading a shorter book.

Even though there are good reasons to reading  a longre book there is also a few good reasons to reading a shorter book. One, is that you don’t have to worry about not making the due date because if you are on a reading schedule and you read at a normal speed than you should be meeting the due date with not having to read any extra. That is what happened to me when I was reading the The Series of Unfortunate Events I didn’t even have to read any extra than my normal reading schedule. That is one good thing about reading shorter books.

One Time Weirdly Laughing

— So, I went to a place to eat with my family one day and when we sat down, ordered our food, and got our drinks, I burst out laughing. I really don’t know why. Sometimes I just start laughing for no reason. I also made the people sitting around me feel super scared. They thought that I was weird! Well technically I am. I almost spit out all of the water that was in my mouth because I just started laughing out of nowhere. So that is the time that I started laughing uncontrollably out of nowhere.