Young Mother Hubbard


Young Mother Hubbard, went to the cupboard

To get her rich dog a bone.

”What size bone do you want my precious dog, small, medium, or large?” asked Young Mother Hubbard. “EXTRA LARGE!” howled the rich, spoiled dog.


But when she got there, the cupboard was bare.

“GASP!” the dog gasped. “I’m just going to get a grilled cheese sandwich.”

And so the rich dog got a grilled cheese sandwich instead.

Next, the Young mother hubbard went back to the cupboard,

Only to find that the dog was eating her bread that she had gotten yesterday.

“Mwahahahaha! This is MY bread now!” cackled the rich dog.


So, she shooed the dog out, along with his pipe,

To find an apple,

Nice and ripe.

She then ate the apple,

But, the dog came back,

Wanting an apple.

“I WANT AN APPLE!” said the dog bellowing at Young Mother Hubbard.

So she gave the dog his apple and went down the stairs to watch tv.

“This tv show is going to keep me occupied for a while. Or at least until that spoiled, rich dog annoys me some more.” exclaimed Young Mother Hubbard.


When she came back the dog was gone and he had turned into a wand.

“Where did my precious dog go?! I need to search for this dog!”

Then she saw a wand on the floor and it was sparkling so that attracted her attention and then

she picked up the wand and said,

“This should take me to my precious, rich, and spoiled dog and it SHOULDN’T make me disa-” *POOF*


Then, she realized she had been sent into a different universe and then she saw her dog but her dog wasn’t dead, it was alive but without any flesh. She then looked down at herself and realized that she had no flesh too, but wasn’t dead. In fact, she was a spirit and she would stay that way forever. So soon after they both got used to the idea of being “ dead “, they haunted people and places because that’s usually what spirits do. After that, they were walking on a short walk and once they got home, they saw a bone, something that the dog wanted the whole entire time, and it was EXTRA LARGE! After the dog got its bone it no longer asked the owner for anything else.










Hockey Star, Hall of Famer

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the best player on your team? Well, I guess you are about to find out. Mario Lemieux is a dedicated hockey player. He has caused the Lemieux Era to take place. Also, he was one of the most skilled players in the whole USA. To sum it all up, he has helped Pittsburgh as a whole.

Mario Lemieux Seeing his statue for the first time

He Didn’t Just Help the Team…

Mario Lemieux has helped Pittsburgh in many different ways. First of all, he saved the team. He has come out of retirement  and then he bought the majority of the team. He also cured their losing streak. Another way he helped Pittsburgh is that he made a very important foundation, called the Mario Lemieux foundation, to help raise money and awareness for kids and adults who have cancer. Even though the list of how he helped Pittsburgh, the last one is how he restored hope. He helped the non-winning team get to the Stanley Cup an claim their victory. He also made a new record for the team as he had close to 200 point scoring seasons at least 3 times in his career.

Too Hard to Play Against?

Mario Lemieux is a skilled player. Not only in one thing, he has all around skill. Based off of his skill he got elected to the hockey hall of fame, got the name “Super Mario”, and even was an Olympian. One of the reasons he was elected to the hall of fame was because he almost beat Gretzky’s records which no one has ever come close to before. Another reason was that he pushed through a challenging sickness, but the one that went from the start was that he was a good rookie and that tops it all.To come out of the hall of fame talk, he was also an Olympian. Except this time he wasn’t playing for the USA, he was playing for Canada. He had one remembered game and that was the one that he scored to goals in and won the Olympic Gold Medal for getting second place. Rewind a little bit to how he got the name “Super Mario.” First of all, before all of his sicknesses and complications he was one of the fastest players out there. He also was good with the puck and was an excellent goal scorer.

The Life Changer

The Lemieux Era was a really unbelievable time. It really changed hockey forever and changed people’s way of thinking and their mindsets. Most important, it inspired children and adults in the hospital. He has changed hockey for history because since he arrived, there has been way more hockey fans. Not even just Pittsburgh, but to hockey as a whole. Another way he changed hockey, was the way he put the benchmark higher, or the goal. So people in the NHL have something to compete against, or even pass. All of this has caused him to have more programs based on him and even rinks have something to look up to. Looking at another way he changed things, was the way he changed peoples mind sets. He caused people to start working harder, and inspired people to achieve their goals. The one thing that he inspired people to do, is if you fail, you get right back up and try again. Now, he also did this for the people in the hospital. He gave them an image of them eventually getting better, and to never stop fighting the sickness. He also said that they can do anything that other people can do.

Mario Lemieux is clearly the most dedicated player of all time. He has done many things to benefit peoples life. The Lemieux Era caused people to believe and achieve, he also was a very skilled player, almost beating Gretzky’s Records. Last of all, he helped Pittsburgh as a whole. Based on our records now, no one will be able to beat what he did.





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Surviving Is Key!

  1. Don’t Trust Everything Mr. O’Brien Says

So he might appear as the nice math teacher from room C11, beware that on the first couple of days of school, not everything he says might be the truth. I am not going to tell you what might not be the truth, but keep a close eye on things. Remember he is not  as truthful as he appears( on the first couple of days, you can trust him after that).

  1. Don’t Carry Too Much Stuff

I know, I know you might want to take everything everywhere for your first 3 full blocks of the day, but that is a little too overwhelming. You are going to lose a lot of your stuff and most likely leaving your water bottle everywhere. Plus, it’s way too heavy to carry.

  1. Don’t Be Sad If You Are Without Your Best Friend

Middle school might be a little intimidating at first, but trust me there is nothing to worry about. You’ll make plenty of friends in no time! Also, there are many people in your own position. Just don’t be afraid to say hi!

  1. Go To The Bathroom During Lunch

Your chances of going to the bathroom in class are very slim, so don’t even think about going in class. Another option is going to the bathroom when you are done getting stuff from your locker, which I dont think is the best option for you because you are going to be new here and you will need all the time you can get.

  1. Always Have a Pencil

You might think that now that you are in middle school kit would be ok to use a pen. Nope. Most classes would actually require you to have a pencil, or else there would be consequences. Math especially, and English, and Science. Even though what I say might not be true, but I should say that most teachers will allow you to have a pen.

  1. Charge Your Chromebook

I don’t really know if they will give you chromebooks, but if they do, this will apply to you. You really want to charge your chromebook. Like, REALLY. If you don’t, there is going to be SERIOUS consequences.

  1. Get a Map Of The School

This has to be one of the most important things on the list. If you don’t have a map of the school, you don’t know where you are going! You will seriously be late to almost every class. I have never been late to a class, i’ve always had a map.

  1. Be Organized From the Start

Let’s just say this, if you are not organized, you will FAIL. Ok, so, you are organized for one class, resource. Use resource wisely. Use it for going to your locker because on the first and second time you like don’t have any homework.

  1. Have Your Schedule

I am being SUPER serious when I say to have your schedule. If you don’t have your schedule you cant even use the map. Also, you cant even show the teachers where you have to go.

     1. Practice/Memorize Your Locker Combo

If you don’t know your combo you are not going to get anywhere because you cant even get your stuff for class! Just to say it, you will need to memorize another one anyways so memorize the first one first. So, make sure at least by your second day you memorized your first combo.

Stuck In My Head!

To start off, this author, Lemony Snicket, has really outdone himself by coming out with this book, The Bad Beginning. When I started reading, I simply loved how they introduced the story. I like how you can feel like the narrator is talking to you and telling you a little bit about how this story is going to be, but I shall say that the pictures in this book do get me a little mad because it gets something stuck in my head about what something looks like or what something else is supposed to look like. Towards the middle, I likes how the narrator came back again and started refreshing my memory.


Second Review—

There is this book called A Bad Beginning, by Lemony Snicket. The adventure between the children because of their parents death is simply amazing. How they work together to overcome fears in the house of terror or how they get out of doing the most horrible things, but this is a tale of unfortunate events. So, something has to go wrong. There is a man by the name of Count Olaf that has became their parents because there only parents have died. Will they survive? Or will they be cursed and brake by the words of “I Do”? Has me dying to read the next one in the series. This book really had me wondering what will happen. Let me just tell you this, it’s not what you expect. As I said, this book will take you on an awesome adventure which will keep you on your toes. If you decide to read it, Hope you enjoy!

Poor Little Hawk


Dear Little Hawk,

     I know that life is a sad story sometimes but I guess we all have to deal with it one time, or  another. I guess that you just have to deal with it a little more than some people have to. I can feel a death in the family, but I guess you can’t because you are already dead!. Sorry, bad joke. Also, I am wondering where you went up there in the sky. It’s a very big place, so you need to tell me the exact spot, maybe coordinates. Also, you need to loosen up a bit. I know that the personality might be apart of your culture and everything, but you can be a little less serious. Oh ya, do you get to fly around in the sky?, or do you get to talk to people that are already dead? That would be so cool. I am now really hoping that the mail service gets this to you ok, but if not then I guess you won’t be seeing this. Anyway, though, do you get to see all of your relatives? Could you please say hi to my great grandma for me, or is that too much to ask? I also tried being more pure like your religion, and paying attention to the plants and animals of the world more too. I want to know if the kid you tried to save in the woods is up there to now. If he is, please say hi to him too.  If it is not too bad to ask, what is it like to have to leave all of your friends and family behind and have to go to heaven? Sorry If that is too weird to ask. Well, I guess I will be going now. Bye!


Cara Lane

A Friend to Remember


One very important person to me is my friend John. He was my friend since the beginning of last year. When we were friends last year we were friends with three other people- Elie, Malissa, and Sandra. At the end of the year, I had to go to a different school than them because they all went to Lunsford and I went to Mercer. After that happened, Elie was getting all popular and she was starting to leave us behind and hang out with the popular people instead. I tried to tell her what she was doing but she said I was lying. Luckily, John was there to make me feel better and try to tell Ellie to be nicer to us(Even though it did not work). So my point is, John is a good friend.

Is Bigger Always Better?


I think that reading longer books verse shorter books is good because it has you make a commitment on doing that whole book and not just reading a shorter book that is at least 150 pages. Even though that reading a short book is easier than reading a longer book, you don’t get much of a connection to the shorter book as much as you would as if you read the whole long book. I think that having more of a connection to a book is essential to having a good summary and have good remembrance of the book too. Another reason about reading longer books is better than reading a shorter book is because it can have way more information on the exposition than a shorter book would have because if the shorter book was not apart of a series than it would just have to get straight into the storyline to have enough room to leave a cliffhanger and all of that. That is why I think that reading a longer book is better than reading a shorter book.

Even though there are good reasons to reading  a longre book there is also a few good reasons to reading a shorter book. One, is that you don’t have to worry about not making the due date because if you are on a reading schedule and you read at a normal speed than you should be meeting the due date with not having to read any extra. That is what happened to me when I was reading the The Series of Unfortunate Events I didn’t even have to read any extra than my normal reading schedule. That is one good thing about reading shorter books.

One Time Weirdly Laughing

— So, I went to a place to eat with my family one day and when we sat down, ordered our food, and got our drinks, I burst out laughing. I really don’t know why. Sometimes I just start laughing for no reason. I also made the people sitting around me feel super scared. They thought that I was weird! Well technically I am. I almost spit out all of the water that was in my mouth because I just started laughing out of nowhere. So that is the time that I started laughing uncontrollably out of nowhere.