All About Miki

First things first, I’m an omnivert, meaning I can be introverted and extroverted. I enjoy crowds, but not the noise. I enjoy quietness, but not being alone.

Secondly, quite like Freddie Mercury, I love my cat like my child. He’s a Maine Coon mixed named George.

I love fiction novels. If you have a suggestion for a book, let me know! (I love murder-mysteries). And best of all, I read for 2-3 hours a night, to help me sleep and catch up on my chapters. Lastly, I’m a HUGE book worm! I cannot express the joy I feel in reading. 

I’m a Potter Head, my house is Hufflepuff, my wand is 12.4″ , made of elder wood and Phoenix feathers and my Patroness is a wildcat.

I love classic rock, like Queen and Hamilton.

I’m great with editing movies, videos, and pictures. I absolutely love to draw birds! And I’m great with painting on canvases, although it’s a rare occurrence to find me painting on one.

Give me a link to your blog so I can retuin the visit!